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First Call – First Call
John Wilson ? One of the great strengths of the group First Call, comprised of Marty McCall and Bonnie Keen, is to vocally challenge their listeners with every note they sing. This is shown wonderfully on their newest self-titled project, First Call on Warner-Alliance. As we have come to expect from one of the premier vocal groups in CCM, First Call continues to vocally demonstrate and produce superb music with the talent God has bestowed on them. The songs on this project have the ?searching for healing and God?s presence? pulsing throughout.

Several songs come to mind as stand-outs; the very best song on this project is the last cut, ?Breath of God.? If you love the early morning or the changing of the seasons, then this song is for you. Other favorites: ?Will I Find Love,? and an a capella song, ?Sunrise on Ararat? done with Take Six. Also with Christmas on the way, check out First Call?s Beyond December. 10 cuts – 45:59.
John?s Rating………………………………9.4
Phil Wilson ? Last year Dad and I reviewed First Call?s Beyond December Christmas CD, which I still contend is one of the best Christmas CD?s ever, and now the new project, First Call. Usually when you have an eponymously-titled CD from a group that?s been around awhile, it signifies some type of rebirth, which is not what we have here. This is the first non-Christmas CD with First Call as a duo, so there are some changes, but not many. First Call is still a group focused on vocals and good writing. There are some special guests on this CD, like Michael McDonald and Take 6, who make their presence known but not overwhelming. I enjoyed this CD; it was well-written and well-produced. ?Let the Healing Begin? and ?Will I Find Love?? are great songs, but, without a doubt, the best song on this was ?Breath of God.? The vocals are ethereal and the music hauntingly beautiful without being obtrusive. Fans of First Call will find it has a familiar sound. I really enjoyed it and I think fans of good music will enjoy it as well.
Phil’s Rating……………………………….8.8



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