Finto Fall Update

After a few weeks back in the US from the last Israel trip, I am still processing all that went on, yet will do my best to share of this with you.  I do so hope that all of you will one day be able to go to the Land and experience first hand what God is doing there in this Land of His promises.
To be in the desert in the area of Beersheba is always a trip!  Here is where Abraham lived, where Isaac was born, where Jacob and Esau entered the world.  This is the land of Ishmael and Hagar.  The stars over Beersheba are the same stars to which Abraham looked when God was telling him about the future of his family at a time when he did not have a son!  This is the desert blooming of which the prophets spoke.  This is the place where Elijah ran after that God-encounter with the prophets of Baal and the threats of Jezebel!  And this southern gate is where Avner and Rachel Boskey are now sending up prayers and worship, gathering a team of artists that will glorify the Lord.
I cannot think of the trip without thinking back to the soldier-sons on leave from the army in many of the places we visited.  To see Daniel Boskey, then Daniel Wienecke, then Heskel and Fred Intrater, to think of Judah and Rami Morrison or Simcha Juster—to know what they endure as young people and see them maturing in life and in the Lord has to be one of the joys of any such visit.
Our group was a team.  We prayed on the housetop in Joppa, overlooking the Mediterranean at Acco, in the ruins of Beit Shean preceding and during Steve Fry’s Thy Kingdom Come musical, on the lawn of the Knesset on Jerusalem Day of Prayer, at the “wall,” on the “settlement” in Cadim, and all across the land.  We touched some of the key things happening during the season of the Feast of Tabernacles: Tom Hess’ All Nations Prayer Convocation that had pastors and intercessors from about 70 nations, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem celebrations with an equal number of nations involved.  Some of us had the great joy of hearing Pastor Yun, the Chinese underground church pastor who was delivered from a death sentence in prison by the Lord’s restoring broken legs and walking him through three open iron gates to a taxi waiting outside that took him to freedom.  He now lives in Germany.  And yes, we floated in the Dead Sea and took a boat across the Sea of Galilee where Jesus and Peter (temporarily) walked on water!
We heard Michaela Lazarus, Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram, Avi Mizrachi, Eitan and Connie Shishkoff and Guy Cohen (their spiritual “son”), Asher and team, Wayne Hilsden, Rick Wienecke and others.  We also spent time with Dov and Lyndee Gelman who are acclimating well. 
If the Lord permits, we want to see you on one of the next trips.  Lord willing I will plan a group trip late in November or early December of 2005, and we are putting out feelers to the Lord about a youth tour (those completing junior and senior high school or early college student age) in early June 2005.  Pray with us about this and let us know if you believe you are to be a part of any of this. 
Tina Marie is still in Israel and joyously connecting with the intention of helping Asher (Keith) Intrater’s team in some of their communication needs and International development.  She will also, Lord willing, have time with Eitan (Andrew)Shishkoff and with Ayal (Richard) Frieden.   She also went to the Vienna, Austria Toward Jerusalem II Council as one of the intercessors and in order to represent me with this team.  She also marvelously is able to continue managing the goings on of The Caleb Company and me from her computer and cell phone in Israel.  (Amazing what technology has made possible in our generation!)  All this is being used greatly of the Lord to enhance my own relationship with all these covenant brothers and sisters in the Land. 
Again, I want to thank all of you who so graciously trust us and contribute in so many ways to the work to which the Lord has called us.
Please do pray for the next few weeks as I attempt pull together another book regarding these end-time happenings.  (Later I would hope to write some different things about Foundational Faith issues or Fathering issues.)


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