Fiddler on the Roof: 40th Anniversary Now on Blu-ray + DVD

On April 5th, Fiddler on the Roof: 40th Anniversary released on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack from 20th Century Fox. Starring Topol as Tevye, the story centers on Tevye’s relationship with his five daughters and his wife.
The movie follows the life of a poor Jewish milkman in the small, rural Russian town of Anatevka as Tevye tries to support his family and keep the Jewish religious traditions he feels hold the family and community together. He frequently talks to God as he ponders his lot in life and tries to make decisions regarding his daughters’ marriages and his family’s welfare.
Fiddler on the Roof is a story of faith amidst the poverty and pograms of Russia in 1905. It is the story of a father’s love as he seeks to raise his daughters and to provide good marriages for them, even as tradition and their happiness seem to be in conflict.
Filled with delightful songs including “Sunrise, Sunset,” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were a Rich Man,” and “Miracle of Miracles” Fiddler on the Roof: 40th Anniversary is a colorful, moving and musical movie about one man’s struggle to balance faith, family, tradition and love.)
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