FFH Gets Ready to Fly

Acoustic-pop band FFH looks ahead to the release of its fourth full-length Essential Records project, Ready to Fly, April 15. The upcoming album maintains FFH’s signature sound, while incorporating several new stylistic elements, including inventive instrumentation and songs of a more personal nature.
Co-produced in conjunction with Scott Williamson (Lincoln Brewster, Point of Grace), David Hamilton and Jeromy Deibler, Ready to Fly ventures into uncharted territory for the foursome, boasting piano-based melodies, emotive strings, ’60s-influenced horns and lyrics that explore the vulnerable side of life.
“FFH definitely stepped out of the box on this project,” comments Bob Wohler, Essential Records’ vice president of A&R. “Jeromy wrote many of the record’s songs on piano rather than on guitar. This was a key component in creating the album’s unique sound. Jeromy also played a huge role in the production of Ready to Fly, while Michael contributed several self-penned songs and Brian recorded his first solo. This was truly a group effort.”
Songs like “Good to be Free” integrate trumpets to reinforce its uplifting message, while “Follow Love” features Jennifer Deibler’s calming vocals backed by a sweeping piano melody. The stand-out track and title song “Ready to Fly” swells with full orchestration, most notably strings and percussion.
Also of significance is Ready to Fly’s lyrical direction. Many of the record’s songs are personal in nature such as “Jennifer’s Waltz,” written by Jeromy to his wife. The chorus sings “We belong together you and me/Holding on tight like lock and key/ Going strong the way this love should be, a fantasy/And I’m so glad God made me for you and you for me.”
Brian Smith of FFH remarks, “In addition to the range of instruments used on Ready to Fly, its songs are definitely more personal than general. I believe that this is our most unique album to date.”
FFH plans to support Ready to Fly on a major market tour this spring. Details are forthcoming. The album’s first single, “You Found Me,” released to Adult Contemporary last week.
FFH is Michael Boggs (guitar, vocals), Jennifer Deibler (guitar, vocals), Jeromy Deibler (guitar, lead vocals) and Brian Smith (vocals, bass). Sales of the band’s three recordings have collectively reached close to one million copies and generated numerous radio hits. The group’s August 2001 release, Have I Ever Told You, garnered three No. 1 radio singles, including “Watching Over Me,” “On My Cross” and “Before It Was Said.” The latter will contend in the category of Inspirational Recorded Song at the 34th Annual Dove Awards, while its writers, Michael Boggs and Jeromy Deibler, were nominated as well. Jennifer Deibler also received a nomination for her contribution to the Girls of Grace project, up for Special Event Album of the Year.

For more information on FFH, please visit www.ffh.net or www.essentialrecords.com.


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