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I shared some of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions in the recent article What Christmas Means to Me, so I thought it would be interesting to see what the favorite Christmas traditions of some of the gospel artists are.

Singing round the piano – KEVIN MAX
For the past few years we’ve purposefully kept the dates from Thanksgiving to Christmas open on our calendar. It’s been so great getting to really focus this time of year on hanging with our families and celebrating what this season is really about. My wife, Kandice, and I have two little boys both under the age of two… so this year we’re looking forward to starting some new traditions around the house with them. It’s so cool to see Christmas for the first time again through their eyes!- MIKE WEAVER (Big Daddy Weave)
Every year for Christmas I always help put up a tree and put lights on it while listening to Christmas music – NOAH (Mission Six)
In our family we have many Christmas traditions, but the one that is my favorite is where my sister and I open one present on Christmas Eve – MICHAEL (Mission Six)

Eating, watching movies, laughing, singing show tunes, building a fire…the tree..the decorations…the lights….protecting our time together which is gold! – BONNIE KEEN
Our family shops early for Christmas, so during the tour we would try to get some shopping time in on days off to take care of Christmas gifts. To avoid commercialism in our home we have a favorite tradition in our family – We draw names of an immediate family member and we have to make a handmade gift for that person that has a special meaning. We give that gift on Christmas eve as well as reading the Christmas story from Luke. All of us love this the most and the handmade gifts are so special to us. – BARLOWGIRL
Going to my great-grandmothers house. We would eat tons of food, spend time with family we rarely get to see, and watch football with my great-grandfather. My family is dysfunctional to say the least, so getting us all together once a year was always full of surprises and good times. – LYRYCYST
Family gathering together, seeing folks you only see once a year is always nice – KEVIN LEVAR
When my family goes shopping for new ornaments, we always go together. Then we come home to cook or order pizza, put on some Christmas music and decorate the house…. Tell stories, have a good time, and the best rule, no one is allowed a bad attitude. – ALACHE
My family has always picked names for a Stocking Person. All year long on trips and vacations you buy little things for your person, remembering them, and praying for them. On Christmas morning we reveal who we have had all year and give them all the gifts we have collected in their stocking. It is a lot of fun, and is definitely everyone’s favorite tradition. – SARA GROVES

Mitzy and I host a friends and family breakfast on Christmas morning. Started with just a few and has grown to over 30 people. We spend the day enjoying the fellowship and Christmas spirit. – LARNELLE HARRIS

Growing up, On Christmas Eve, my parents and sister would gather around the piano, and I would play carols and we’d all sing- well, really we’d just crack up laughing because my piano playing was so bad, trying to follow my horrible playing sounded like someone trying to sing with hiccups and stuttering at the same time. We’d then head over to the church and be part of the live nativity scene. Most years I was an angel, and we would bundle up under the white robes and big wings, and stand still in the freezing New Mexico weather while people drove by. Then we’d drive around the neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights on people’s houses. Now that we’re in TN, and my parents in KY, My mom and i have started a new tradition and that’s going shopping together for Samaritan’s Purse boxes. We’ve had fun doing that the last two years, and it’s becoming one of my favorite parts of Christmas! – JENI VARNADEAU
Movies and food with La Fam – BOB HALLIGAN

Now that I’m married, I love waking up having Christmas morning with Malerie and Belle (our doggy).
Also, her family makes annual visits to Callaway Gardens to see the lights with Snowflake! (If you’ve been there, you’ll get that.) – KEVIN HUGULEY (Rush of Fools)
My favorite holiday tradition is going over to my aunt’s house every Christmas eve and being able to see all my
cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family. It’s so cool. We pass out presents that we picked out for one another and
then of course, have a large Christmas meal that night! It’s awesome! – WES WILLIS (Rush of Fools)
Going to my grandparents’ house to open gifts and put up their tree – JOSH REEDY (DecembeRadio)

Being with family. I go to my mother’s parents on Christmas Eve with all my Italian relatives, eat seafood and open gifts. Then, on Christmas Day, I go to my father’s parents for more traditional American Christmas foods (ham, turkey, yams), and usually we do some type of hunting (squirrel, rabbit, quail or deer). – ERIC MIKER (DecembeRadio)
Opening one present on Christmas Eve – BRIAN BUNN (DecembeRadio)
The family gettin’ together and eating way too much. I love to hang out with the family ‘cause I don’t get to go home too often, so that is a very special time for me. – BOONE DAUGHDRILL (DecembeRadio)

Opening Stockings. I will never get tired of that Tradition. Now it’s just me and Mom filling each others stocking, but since losing my husband Trent, I always go home to Michigan for the holidays and spend the night at Mom’s house, so we can get up early Christmas morning and open our stockings. – TAMMY TRENT
Christmas Eve Service – KIM GRAVEL (Beloved)
My dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible and my mom reading “Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus” every year on Christmas Eve – AMY GOINS (Beloved)
Making the rounds to each of my family members houses – DARREN ELDER (The Wrecking)
Christmas breakfast at my sister’s house- DOUG ELDER (The Wrecking)
Making Swedish Glögg – hot spiced mulled wine that makes the atmosphere Christmasy! – DAN MEYER (Sword Swallower)
Going to church on Christmas Eve, then going out for Chinese food with my immediate family and then getting in our new PJs sitting by the tree and fire, then waking up Christmas morning for a wonderful family breakfast, prayer time, then off to my grandparents for a family celebration. – JAIME JAMGOCHIAN
Christmas Adam. It’s the night before Christmas Eve (Adam came before Eve, you know) and we open our presents as a household and sleep in front of the Christmas tree. – JASON GRAY
Silly String fight with my parent’s family – YATES (After Edmund)
Playing tunes with my dad on piano – MITCH PARKS (After Edmund)
Family Christmas Lunch – MATT McFADDEN (After Edmund)
A new one we started about 5 years ago. Sleeping under the Christmas tree on Dec. 23rd. My wife and 5 children pick a favorite ornament, eat a chocolate covered cherry, jump into sleeping bags, and have sore backs in the morning – PEDER EIDE
Opening presents Christmas morning with my kids – TRAVIS COTTRELL
“I used to like going to my grandma’s house every Christmas Eve. My uncle always gave me money in a card…actually, he gave me and my brother more than the other nephews because he liked us more 🙂 Haha! – AARON GREER (of Aaron Greer Band)
Egg Nog – ELIOT SLOAN (Blessid Union of Souls)
My father served 30 years in the Air Force, so we always lived near military bases. Every Christmas Eve, very close to midnight, we would go to the base and visit each entrance gate where there was usually a lone guard standing watch. Because they had to spend Christmas Eve at their post, we wanted to bless them with a basket of well-put-together goodies, as well as a “bonus check” to use for their families who waited for them at home while they faithfully served their country. This was a tradition for us every year, and my parents, long retired, still perform this small act of kindness to this very day. – MARIE BARLOW MARTIN
We will be adding more artists to this list, as well as posting more lists:Favorite Christmas Songs of Christian Artists, Favorite Christmas Albums of Gospel Artists,Favorite Christmas Movies of Christian Artists, Favorite holiday memory, etc., so keep checking back for more of the holidays with your favorite artists!


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