Favorite Christmas Albums of Gospel Artists & Entertainers




Wondering which Christmas CD to get that special someone for Christmas? Maybe this will help!
What Christmas albums gospel artists and entertainers recommend:
1983 “A Christmas Album” by Amy Grant – TAMMY TRENT
Anything by Bing Crosby – ELIOT SLOAN (Blessid Union of Souls)
The Carpenters Christmas album – KEVIN HUGULEY (Rush Of Fools)
I’d have to say that I love Bebo Norman’s “Christmas… From the realm of glory” is by far one of the most amazing Christmas records I’ve ever heard!! – WES WILLIS (Rush Of Fools)

Band Aid’s “Do They Know its Christmas?” – KEVIN MAX
Kirk Franklin & the Family Christmas – KEVIN LEVAR
Amy Grants Christmas record – JAIME JAMGOCHIAN
Celine Dion’s “These are the Special Times” – ALACHE
“Charlie Brown Christmas” – I get such a great feeling when listening to it – AARON GREER (of Aaron Greer Band)

“Charlie Brown Christmas” – BONNIE KEEN (First Call)
Any Manheim Steamroller album – LYRYCYST
“The Partridge Family Christmas” or “Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas” – CAROLINE (pureNRG)
“Nat King Cole,” “WOW Christmas!,” “Destiny’s Child Christmas” – CAROLYNE (pureNRG)
Michael English Christmas, Casting Crowns and, well, ours haha – JORDAN (pureNRG)
Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” – KIM GRAVEL (Beloved)
Mitch Miller and the Gang Holiday Sing Along – AMY GOINS (Beloved)

Amy Grant’s first “Christmas Album” – JENI VARNADEAU
4Him’s “Christmas the Season of Love” – YATES (After Edmund)
Anything by David Phelps – MITCH PARKS (After Edmund)
Jars of Clay’s “Little Drummer Boy” – MATT McFADDEN (After Edmund)
A Charlie Brown Christmas featuring the Vince Guaraldi Trio – PEDER EIDE
Relient K’s “Let it Snow, Baby… Let it Reindeer” – NOAH (Mission Six)
“X Christmas” – ANTHONY (Mission Six)
The Almost’s “No Gift to Bring” – MICHAEL (Mission Six)
Relient K’s “Let it Snow, Baby… Let it Reindeer” – DAVID (Mission Six)
BarlowGirl’s “Home for Christmas” – ISAAC (Mission Six)

“Deep Still Christmas” – DAN MEYER (sword swallower)
John Denver and The Muppets’ “A Christmas Together” – JOSH REEDY (DecembeRadio)
I have great memories of Christmas Eve at the Belcastro’s (my grandparents’ house) listening to Christmas music from Tony Bennett – ERIC MIKER (DecembeRadio)
Point of Grace’s “Winter Wonderland” – BRIAN BUNN (DecembeRadio)
Believe it or not, I don’t own a Christmas album (but I do love Christmas!). – BOONE DAUGHDRILL (DecembeRadio)
A Christmas Carol or The Grinch – DARREN ELDER (The Wrecking)
We will be posting more lists: Favorite Christmas song, Christmas movie, Favorite holiday memory, etc., so keep checking back for more of the holidays with your favorite artists!

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