Everfound- Review

Are you looking for a Christian band that isn’t afraid to admit that they are one? Then the band Everfound is for you. They know what it’s like to be persecuted because of your faith, having being born in Russia, but having to leave there to settle in the United States.
The band, made up of 4 teenaged brothers, plays a well-honed style of music that’s well beyond their young ages. Their music is a blend of pop and rock styles of music.
“Colorful Alibis & Scandalous Smiles” is the band’s new debut full length release. On the inside of the front cover the band says it all about where their heart is in regards to their music. It states that, ‘ the songs on this record are captured minutes of our daily journey in seeking the heart of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this record is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God above all names because he died for the sins of every human being.’
The band writes their own music so you get real emotion and passion that comes through in the12 songs found on this album. This band has been able to avoid falling in to the cookie cutter ‘boy band mold’ that has ruined many good artists. Everfound’s music is fresh and filled with the band’s own musical stamp of goodness.

The band wants people to get back to living a full faith life, not just going through the motions. “We want to renew a call to passion,” said Ruslan. “Life must be lived with purpose and excitement. Otherwise, you merely exist.”
The songs for the most part are laden with lots of keyboards, that add a bit of a progressive edge to many of them. The vocals are so filled with passion that each word sung is dripping wet with it. The songs also offer up lots of change of pace moments to keep each song sounding fresh and new.
My favorite tracks are the power pop song, “Forget Me Knots,” the piano driven, “Anthem of a Heavy Heart (Not Alone),” and the passionate ballad, “Lady Liberty.”
With “Colorful Alibis & Scandalous Smiles” the band Everfound shows that they have the musical talent and faith to continue making a difference in this world for a long time to come.
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