Ellen Saurebrey Nomination Blocked

Remember when liberals in the U.S. Senate blocked President Bush’s nomination of John Bolton as our U.N. Ambassador? The President ended up having to give Bolton a “recess appointment” in order to get this great conservative nominee into office. Did you know that there’s ANOTHER Bush nominee that’s being blocked in the U.S. Senate?
This time, the President has nominated Ellen Saurebrey to be the next Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. But once again, forces on the far Left want to block the nomination. Why?
As a delegate to the UN Human Rights Commission and then the past four years as Representative to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Sauerbrey has been a strong advocate of U.S. efforts to free women from exploitation and despair and has worked on most of the major issues that confront women, including refugee women.
Does the Left oppose her because she helped to draft the first resolution of a UN body to focus on eliminating demand for human trafficking, and acknowledge the important link between commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in women and girls?
Is it because she fought to ensure that language on women’s right to own and inherit property was included in any applicable UN resolution?
Is it because she worked for resolution language criminalizing sexual exploitation of minors?
Is it because she traveled to underdeveloped countries in Africa, Asia and Europe training women in political skills and democracy building?
Of course not. As The Washington Times recently noted in an editorial favoring Saurebrey’s confirmation, “What could be so troubling about Mrs. Sauerbrey? We can only think of two possibilities. First, Mrs. Sauerbrey is a strong pro-lifer, something that troubles the permanent humanitarian-aid establishment and international abortion lobby. She was booed at a U.N. conference in March for saying that the Bush administration ‘do[es] not recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance.’ Clearly the powers that be dislike her views.”
“The other possibility,” wrote the Times, “is that the career types might see in Mrs. Sauerbrey another John Bolton. Mrs. Sauerbrey is not a career diplomat or humanitarian-aid specialist; she lacks an establishment pedigree. Worst of all for them, she appears to have strong convictions — which, by the way, are shared by the president. If confirmed, she might upset business as usual in the way Mr. Bolton has at the United Nations.”
BINGO! Liberal groups and Senate Democrats are trying to block Saurebrey’s confirmation because she looks like ANOTHER BOLTON! Well, then, that should give YOU and ME reason enought to DEMAND that our Senators confirm her!
As The Washington Times noted, “What does it take to head up the State Department’s refugee portfolio? We’d start with proven management skills, experience with billion-dollar budgets, knowledge of refugee issues and a commitment to the president’s agenda. Ellen Sauerbrey, President Bush’s nominee and current ambassador to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, has all of these.”
We need to STAND UP and make our voices heard NOW in this new confirmation fight. This is a no-brainer — with a Republican majority, she MUST be confirmed. Copy the URL below to send a FREE message to BOTH of your U.S. Senators, demanding that Ellen Sauerbrey be confirmed quickly:

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