Dove Awards at Lipscomb University–The Doves and I Come Home

After a two-year absence from Music City, the Dove Awards returned to Nashville tonight. Having been one of those who felt it was high time the Doves were held in Nashville again, it was easy to look on the 44th Annual Dove Awards as a homecoming of sorts. After all, there are old friends I only see once a year at the Doves.
However, what really brought me to an unexpected homecoming trip down memory lane was being on the campus of Lipscomb University again — my alma mater. It had not crossed my mind that the red carpet would be set up right behind Johnson dorm where I stayed or that being in McQuiddy Gym would bring back such memories. Yet, there I was rubbing elbows with my friends and acquaintances in the music industry while I gazed about at the familiar haunts of my college years.
Since it was my first time to officially cover a red carpet event, that was definitely what stood out the most about the evening along with the surreal aspect of seeing my college dorm behind it. And having my photo taken by Terry, the Getty photographer who was the event photographer, made me feel like a celebrity!
Other highlights of the Dove Awards for me this year would include seeing the place card for Christian Activities at the red carpet; watching Amy Grant and Kirk Franklin host; finally getting to see for King and Country perform, and enjoying Michael W. Smith’s tribute to Billy Graham. And it was great as always to see old friends with the added bonus of being on my college turf again. Sometimes you really can go home again.
To bring it full circle, Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Pat Boone attended Lipscomb and wrote the David Lipscomb Alma Mater.
Kudos to the Gospel Music Association and Wortman Works Media for the great jobs they did and congratulations to all this year’s winners.
44th Annual GMA Dove Winners Announced


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