Diamante-Butterfly Relocates to Nashville

Centralizing record company and distribution operations, the Butterfly
Group has relocated its Diamante-Butterfly Distribution from Newport Beach, California, to new
corporate headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. Diamante-Butterfly Distribution president Bill
Conine will now oversee distribution operations from the Nashville-area office, reporting to the
Butterfly Group’s managing partners George King and Michael Rinaldi. Butterfly Group managing
partner Bob Carlisle will oversee the company’s Las Vegas recording studio and will also maintain
an office at the new headquarters.
In addition, the Butterfly Group has merged its Las Vegas office into the new headquarters,
bringing together the staff of Christian Records, Gospel One Records, Flying Leap Records and
Butterfly Kids with the company’s distribution arm and sales force. Following the transition, nearly
30 employees are slated to be based at the Butterfly Group headquarters.
“The Butterfly Group has come home to Nashville,” said George King, managing partner, Butterfly
Group. “Bringing our label and distribution entities under one roof has not only given us an
amazing sense of synergy, but we have come full-circle in becoming a major record company
operation in Nashville. We are stronger than ever before and are especially excited about what
our efficiency and centralization of communication is going to mean for our retail partners.”
“Moving our distribution and sales force to Nashville has been the most important decision we’ve
made as a company,” said Michael Rinaldi, managing partner, Butterfly Group. “As the Butterfly
Group launched and grew quickly over the past year, the realization of the need to be
headquartered in Nashville became apparent. We’re blessed to have a facility that brings our
entire staff together, and we look forward to what God has in store for the Butterfly Group.”

“Diamante-Butterfly’s role as one of the strongest independent Christian-owned international
distributors is vital to the growth of the Christian music industry and for the new artists and
ministries that emerge through our company,” said Bill Conine, president, Diamante-Butterfly
Distribution. “Although a decade of work at 1000 Quail Street has come to an end, the future for
Diamante-Butterfly Distribution in Nashville is limitless. Our sales team will now be located in the
heart of the Christian music industry, and we look forward to the many new opportunities this will
bring. Not only will we have the advantage of casting vision alongside the Butterfly Group’s
labels, but we will continue to expand our horizons as a distributor, seeking partnerships with
entities that share our unchanging desire to spread the Gospel through Christian music.”
The Christian music industry’s top independent distributor, Diamante Media Group was acquired
by the Butterfly Group in 2002. Today, Diamante-Butterfly Distribution continues to maintain
agreements with clients in addition to the Butterfly Group, including Discovery House Music, IMG,
Rescue-Flying Leap Records, Air Gospel, Tyscot Records, Syntax Records, Cloud Ten Pictures
and Lightyear Entertainment, among others.
Diamante-Butterfly Distribution maintains exclusive direct selling relationships with more than
2000 religious retailers nationwide, and also with retailers in Canada, via an exclusive agreement
with Christian Marketing Canada. In addition, the Navarre Corp. provides general market
distribution for Diamante-Butterfly’s family of labels in both the United States and Canada.
The Butterfly Group’s corporate headquarters is located at 230 Franklin Road, suite 2B, Franklin,
Tennessee, 37064. The company can be reached at a new phone number, 615-468-2060.
For further information, contact Turning Point Media Relations at 615-261-1818.


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