Delirious? Records First Spanish-Language CD

Furious? Records Inc.’s multi-million selling Delirious? releases its first Spanish-language
CD, Libertad, in the US May 6.
Delirious? has sold recordings all over the world, from Malaysia to Guatemala, Tasmania to China, but never before has the band
recorded in any language other than their native English. Libertad, translated simply as “freedom,” features twelve fan favorites
from the band’s celebrated worship music of its early “Cutting Edge” years. Recorded in England and mixed by Delirious? lead
vocalist Martin Smith, Libertad is geared specifically for the Spanish-speaking world. (Full track listing below)
“Having studied Spanish at school, Martin, it seems is still a little bit handy,” notes Tony Patoto, Delirious? manager and Furious
Records CEO. “Libertad has all the vocal passion, excitement and vulnerability that punctuate the English language originals.
From the epic power of Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? to the uplifting I Could Sing, these tracks are far more than early
sketches for the full on stadium rock that grew into Delirious?.”
“I was terrible at languages at school and hastily dropped French and German for a stab at Spanish as I was advised that this was
far easier,” notes Delirious? lead vocalist Martin Smith. “A year later I decided to stick with English as my main language; little
did I know that my shaky academic past would return to haunt me. I remember the day of terror when I was asked if we wanted to
record some of the ‘Cutting Edge’ songs in Spanish and instantly I said, ‘yes,’ not knowing what was ahead. A week was spent
with a vocal coach from Mexico painstakingly singing line by line in an attempt to sound like Enrique Iglesias, and then, amazingly,
Libertad was born.”
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2000 there were 35.3 million Hispanic or Latino people in the US. More than 322 million
people worldwide speak Spanish as their first language. It is the official language of 21 countries and is a widely spoken
non-official language in 22 others. Twenty-two million Americans are Spanish speakers, while, overall, the language is spoken by
5.7% of the world’s population (French is spoken by 1.8% and English by 8.9%. Source for language data,

“I can’t say how excited I am about this project,” continues Martin. “This really is something that we as a band can give back to
the Spanish speaking people, many of whom come to our concerts around the world and we pray it can be an encouragement to
building the church worldwide.”
Originally recorded between 1993 and 1995, the Libertad tracks are taken from the band’s first four mini-albums, which were
combined to form the RIAA Certified Gold and debut US recording, Cutting Edge. Known then as the Cutting Edge Band, Martin
Smith, Jon Thatcher, Tim Jupp, Stew Smith and Stu G, were young men with day jobs out to explore the possibilities of worship
music during their free time. What started as a handful of songs written for a single local church service soon grew into something
far bigger. With their combination of uniquely personal lyrics and heart-grabbing music, the Cutting Edge album became a
soundtrack for a generation, following the dreams and intrigues of a life lived in pursuit of Jesus.
The release of Libertad follows the recent US release of the band’s critically acclaimed and fifth US studio album, Touch.
Heralded by tens of thousands worldwide as Christian music’s best live rock worship experience, Delirious? also releases its first
live double-CD, Access:d: live worship in the key of D, April 8.
Over the last year, Delirious? has further performed for over one million people, launched their own label, Furious Records Inc. in
America, were heralded as Seventeen magazine’s first pick for a “Christian artist that will rock you, whether you’re a Christian or
not,” and continue to be one of the most significant catalysts leading the modern worship movement.
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Libertad track listing:
1 Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
2 I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
3 I’ve Found Jesus
4 Thank You For Saving Me
5 The Happy Song
6 King Of Love
7 This Is The Message Of The Cross
8 Shout To The North
9 Lord You Have My Heart
10 Find Me In The River
11 Not Ashamed
12 Obsession
Furious? Records Inc., a division of UK-based Furious? Records, was launched this year by Delirious? and Tony Patoto. In
addition to Delirious?, the label is home to GRAMMY-nominated and radio-chart-topping band All Star United, one of the most
prolific praise and worship singer/songwriters from Europe, Graham Kendrick, and new San Luis Obispo, CA band, Everyone, due
to release its anticipated debut recording April 8. The label is distributed by the world’s largest Christian record distributor,
Chordant Distribution, a division of EMI CMG.


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