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The UK-based, RIAA Certified Gold-selling, GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award winning band Delirious? played its final, farewell concert at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo Nov. 29. Although sold-out well in advance, fans around the world will be able to see this historic concert as the 2-CD, DVD and Blu-ray Farewell Show – Live in London releases in North America May 18 and the rest of the world April 19 through Kingsway with EMI CMG Distribution.
Delirious? lead vocalist Martin Smith, guitarist Stu G, keyboardist Tim Jupp, bassist Jon Thatcher and drummers Stew Smith and Paul Evans, who took over for Delirious? founding member Stew Smith in 2008, engaged the sold-out, 5,000-seat Hammersmith Apollo with in a rousing 26-song grand finale that included all the hits that launched the band to international acclaim. Arguably the most well-known Christian rock band in the world, and called “one of the greatest worship groups of all time” by, Delirious? helped score a whole new soundtrack for the church around the world.
Fellow artists underscore the legacy of the band: “They’ve redefined the praise and worship scene,” confirms TobyMac, while Chris Tomlin says, “Delirious? is the band that has continued to set me on fire when I hear their music.” Fellow artist Bart Millard (Mercy Me), confirms, “Delirious? is one of the most important bands in the past 10 -15 years, not to mention my all-time favorite band,” as Darlene Zschech says, “For many years now, Delirious? have been inspiring us in our pursuit of Christ through their creative genius and uncompromising message of faith and hope through music.”
Worship has always been at the heart of Delirious?, and that focus is throughout the Farewell Show – Live in London audio/video recording. The recording begins just as the band itself began, playing the “Cutting Edge” songs that were first taught by Delirious?, then known as the Cutting Edge Band, in school halls and churches around London. Now some of the best-loved songs sung around the world even today, they include “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,” “Thank You For Saving Me,” “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?,” “The Happy Song” and more.
Following the “Cutting Edge” band set, Delirious? exited the stage to return moments later and ramping up the light show and volume for such epic anthems as “Rain Down,” “History Maker,” “Paint The Town Red,” “Majesty,” and additional songs covering the more recent repertoire. Original drummer Stew Smith joined Evans for an eight-minute jam on the song, “Investigate,” while “Sanctify” featured a giant video screen with footage from Delirious?’s appearance at the Champion Of The World event at Wembley Stadium in 1997. During “Deeper,” Martin gave a fan his trademark megaphone used on recent tours.
“This was definitely the best [concert] of theirs I’ve ever seen,” notes George Luke, music editor for the London magazine Artrage. “I could wax lyrical forever about how great this stunning performance was and what the special bits were.”
“The evening was larger than any press release can capture, yet across the double CD, the beautifully shot full-length DVD and the high-definition Blu-ray, there’s every bit of the sense of passion and excitement that this celebration of Delirious? evoked,” says Steve Nicolle, Kingsway director, music and media. “And its heart beats with the same force that has been in play whenever the band has stepped up to the microphone. It sends us up and it sends us out, giving the ‘historymakers’ something to go and get excited about.”
After nearly two decades of traveling around the world performing thousands of concerts to millions of fans, Delirious? was never about itself, the accolades, the tours or even the songs. It was always about the “historymakers,” the ones who lived their faith “out loud,” putting actions to the songs.
“Fabula Est Vestri,” says Delirious? frontman Martin Smith. “The story is yours. It always has been about you; ordinary but extraordinary people who joined together across denominations, against our prejudices, our fears. People who have stood together in the face of adversity.”
“And WE have become a voice that speaks out for the oppressed,” continues Smith. “For those who do not have a voice. We too became a voice that sings ‘God’ songs that shake the earth. And friends, we will continue to shake the earth. Just never stop singing.”
Along with the music, the 145-minute Farewell Show – Live in London DVD features an exclusive “On the Road – The Farewell Tour” documentary that includes behind-the-scenes footage and individual band member interviews. The 199-minute Blu-ray disc further includes the band’s compelling, in-depth interview with GOD TV’s youth presenters Chip-K and Emma Owen, “Making History – The Final Interview.” This interview gives the viewer a chance to see Delirious?’ career from the band’s perspective, and gives a glimpse into the individual members’ future. The full GOD TV interview can also be viewed online at
Known as the forerunners of the modern worship movement and as one of the industry’s best live bands, Delirious? over the last decade have closed for the Pope in front of a million people in Germany, played in front of hundreds of thousands in India, headlined the 2004 Olympic Celebrations at the Omonia Square in Athens, Greece, toured with Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Matchbox 20, and headlined at SWR3’s Arena of Sound 2004 music festival, where more than 80,000 fans filled the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart, Germany.
Having released 14 albums and selling nearly three million recordings, and with seven Top 40 general market UK chart singles and two Top 30 general market UK chart albums, Delirious? grew out of the UK “Cutting Edge” youth meetings in the early 1990s. Regarded internationally as the galvanizing force that changed the face of worship worldwide, Delirious? members currently have 22 songs on the CCLI charts. With its music being played and sold in over 100 countries, the band has also been honored with two Gospel Music Association International Awards.
Delirious? Farewell Show – Live in London content follows:
Double CD
CD1 (73 minutes)
All This Time / Bliss / Solid Rock / Sanctify / Obsession / Rain Down / Deeper / Paint The Town Red / Inside Outside / Majesty / Our God Reigns / Investigate / History Maker / My Soul Sings
CD2 (35 minutes)
Not Ashamed / Happy Song / Shout To The North / Thank You For Saving Me / I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever / Find Me In The River / Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
Total Length of Double CD (108 minutes)
Delirious? Farewell Show (85 minutes)
All This Time / Bliss / Solid Rock / Sanctify / Obsession / Rain Down / Deeper / Paint The Town Red / Inside Outside / Jesus Blood / King or Cripple / True Colours / Majesty / Our God Reigns / Investigate / History Maker / My Soul Sings

1. Cutting Edge Show (34 minutes)
I’m Not Ashamed / Happy Song / Shout To The North / Thank You For Saving Me/ White Ribbon Day / I Could Sing of Your Love Forever / Find Me In The River / Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble / Dance In The River
2. On the Road – The Farewell Tour (26 minutes)
Total Length of DVD (145 minutes)
Contains the same content as the DVD, but with the additional “Making History – The Final Interview” (54 minutes).
Total Length of Blu-ray (199 minutes)
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