DC Talk Rocks in the Rockies

DC Talk dominated the stage as they captured the ears of all who occupied the Filmore Auditorium in downtown Denver Wednesday, Feb 13. In classic DC Talk form it was a musical extravaganza! They span a full scale of style and sounded off with a plethora music genre.
This famous mix of intricate flavor that has seasoned the group, has only grown sweeter as they have broadened it with their “solo” performances! The delicious “Solo Sets” are such a bonus and they accentuate the power of this ministry in motion! Cutting-edge and tuned into the crowd before them, their experience of years together explodes off of the stage. They have been forged into a phenomenal force for the Lord Jesus Christ! All of this was a testament to what Toby had professed early on in the concert, clearing the air of any rumors of the dreaded break up. As he so eloquently put it, they had all taken the time through the solo projects to express their musical personalities! And, without giving anymore attention to that …. they set out to do what they do best …. set the Truth on fire through magnificent sound and humble evangelism!!
You could not help but get caught up in the mood that radiated from the stage. From the playfulness and camaraderie of the three, “mawshing” into the crowd, Toby jumping off of the speakers ….Michael doing push-ups ….to the seriousness of their message, this infamous trio blend together in perfect harmony of mission and purpose! They use the gifts that God has given them to entertain and minister to all in the crowd. They do this through such a non-threatening approach … they are so real, no put-ons…..they take off their masks and what you see is what you get!! Evangelism at its best! They humbly shine the light on the Truth, making no excuses for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I believe that their success is a direct result of Toby, Michael and Kevin being exactly who God called them to be! Through the strength of the Spirit, they have not allowed satan to put them up on the preverbal pedestal ……. they remain on the same level! of those that God has called them to witness and minister to! TRUE SUCCESS!!!
I went to the concert anticipating the music ….. I came away with so much more …the privilege of listening and watching these three dedicated servants of God, emulate Christ … and sitting back and enjoying every minute of it! What a blessing for “new,” “non” and “seasoned” believers!! This concert had something for everyone musically and Spiritually!!! If this tour comes anywhere near you, I highly recommend that you go!!


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