Dayna Curry Update

So much of what has been in the news, especially in papers has had errors in it. In fact, I never knew before how full of errors or slanted the papers are. I take everything I read now with a grain of salt.
Your earlier article plays up the death sentence, which
got started by journalists wanting to sell papers.
That would not be a punishment in any other Muslim country in the world, and according to the lawyer
for the eight would not be a penalty in this case, either. If they could prove converts, which they haven’t done, then it would be a more serious “crime”.
I think the Pakistani lawyer made a good response to the charges which I hope might be made public at some time in the future. They are good explanations for all the accusations.
The court never said they couldn’t have an
American lawyer. They said they could have any lawyer
they wanted, Muslim or Christian or whatever. We had
a limited list of names to chose from. This lawyer got
his master’s at American University in Washington, DC
and speaks perfect English as well as Pashto, the
language of the court. He has done work for the US
Consulate in Peshawar. He also studied Sharia law, and
is familiar with the type of law practiced by the
Taliban. They could have each had their own lawyer if
they wanted. The eight could have also chosen to
defend themselves. This lawyer was also close by and
willing to take the case and time was a factor in
making this selection.
We didn’t leave Afghanistan because the diplomats left. We left because the United Nations and all other foreigners left, including reporters. We had been staying at the UN guest house and it was being closed. We didn’t speak the language and it would have been really difficult to stay. Even the foreign reporters who stayed when we left came out a couple of days later.
The $7000-8000 is for the defense of both American girls, not just Dayna. Their home church offered to pay their share. SNI, a German based organization, is paying the rest, and probably would have paid all the fees except that their church offered to help. The cost could actually be a little higher than that as operating expenses are not included in the flat fee. Their church is also going to pay for their tickets home, so that makes the expenses even higher. Several
thousand dollars in cash and assets were taken from
our girls aptartment in Kabul following the arrest.
The original Dayna Curry website is gone. There were objections to it from several sources, so we thought it best to just remove it.
The Afghans arrested with SNI are not just office
workers. They included cooks, gardeners, and house
guards for the aid workers. None of them have been
found to have converted to Christianity which is what
would bring them a death penalty. We keep praying that
they too will be released.
The detainees believe that they are there for a
purpose and that is for Christians to be praying for
that country and for the Afghan people. They are sad
about the suffering going on there, not only now, but
before this happened as well. So tell people that when
they pray for release of the eight, don’t forget to
pray for the people of the nation whose leaders are
holding them. If our God can part the Red Sea, keep
Daniel safe in the lion’s den, bring down the walls of
Jericho, and so many other things, as well as rising
from the grave, then He can protect eight of His flock
sitting in a Kabul jail waiting for Him to bring about
another miracle.
See 2 Cor 1:8-11. That is what will bring the release.
Blessings, Nancy
(Dayna’s mother)
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