Dave Barnes Releases What We Want, What We Get on April 6th





What happens when, as a child, you can’t decide what to do with the rest of your life? When Dave Barnes was a little boy, he wanted to grow up and be Spiderman or play music. He chose the latter because becoming Spiderman would have been a long shot, and thankfully years later we get to enjoy the music and lyrics from Dave Barnes, most recently from his brand new album What We Want, What We Get. Releasing April 6th on Razor & Tie Records, this is Barnes’ fourth project to date and his second full-length project with Razor & Tie.
What We Want, What We Get showcases Barnes at his best yet as he explores a range of texture and melodies with songs expressing a wide range of emotions. The most accessible and inspiring of all of his projects, he explains, “When I decided to make this record I really wanted to write songs that people could quickly assimilate in to their own life. I’m excited because I think this record is the most ‘easily digestible’ of anything I’ve ever written.”
Just a few years into Barnes’ musical career, which started with an EP in 2002 that led to opening some shows for fellow singer/songwriter Matt Wertz, Barnes began to build his own audience. He also began to obtain fans in respected artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Marc Cohn, Vince Gill, Amy Grant and John Mayer, something for which he is very grateful. “The thing that fires me up, and still blows me away, is when I am able to meet someone I’ve admired and has inspired me, only to find out they feel the same way about what I do. Respect is a pretty heavy currency in my little world, and it has hugely impacted my music.”
Encouraged by these artists as well as influenced by Stevie Wonder, Doobie Brothers, Indigo Girls, and authors Donald Miller and Frederick Buechner, Barnes was more than eager to create What We Want, What We Get. The project’s theme reflects how Barnes deals with expectations of life. “I’ve been very blessed but still struggle with a head full of dreams,” he shares. “Be it good, be it bad, what do we do when we don’t get what we expected?”
He also co-produced this new project, partnering with Ed Cash (Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant) who has also co-produced all of Barnes’ full-length releases.
Known for honest lyrics and not hiding his feelings behind metaphors, Dave Barnes continues to approach his subject matter directly. His first radio single, titled “God Gave Me You,” is a beautiful up-tempo love song for all ages: God gave me you for the ups and downs / God gave me you for the days of doubt / For when I think I lost my way / there are no words here left to say, it’s true / God gave me you.
“God Gave Me You” is already making a huge impact at CHR radio, capturing fans in both promoters and the radio listener. The single debuted this week on Billboard’s CHR charts at #28, with more adds coming in weekly.
No matter what, Dave Barnes is just enjoying every minute of every day. “What really blows my mind is that every day is a constant invitation from God, for us to participate is His will for our lives,” he says. “Yet something that the devil loves to do is to pull us into thinking that there’s just that one chance, that one choice, and when you’ve made that choice you’ve made it for the rest of your life. And the beauty of what God says is, ‘No! Every second of every moment, of every day, of every year of your life, I’m inviting you to do this, and You can participate or not.’ Every moment God gives us is another chance,” he concludes.
Barnes is soaring up the charts! His brand new single, “God Gave Me You,” jumped to #19 this week on the CHR charts. “God Gave Me You” is the debut single from his upcoming release, What We Want, What We Get, hitting shelves April 6th on Razor & Tie Records (Provident Distribution). The song plans to hit Christian AC radio in mid-April.
To promote the single and the brand new CD release, Barnes is touring across the country this spring. Tour dates are listed in our concert calendar. For the most updated tour schedule and to see if he is coming to your town, check out www.DaveBarnes.com.
Sure, Dave Barnes never did become Spiderman, swinging from tall buildings by the thread of a web, but we’re glad he has become entangled in something much more spectacular
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