Dashed Expectations




Finding that perfect gift and then watching the perfect reaction? Is this what you expected but did not received? You knew just what they wanted and you made sure that it was custom fit for all of their needs and specific criteria … so what was the problem? How many of you experienced dashed expectations on Christmas? I purchased things that my kids had asked for yet some of the reactions were not what I had anticipated! What I had envisioned and what happened was hit and miss.
Have you ever thought about God the Father giving His Perfect Gift in Christ and then watching as so many reject and refuse Him? God knew that we would be eternally separated from Him without a Perfect Sacrifice. He didn’t have to go to a mall or search the universe to find a gift that would do it all! The Lord had it all right there in His Son, which He so graciously gave to stand in our place … for every sin that WE commit! Yet, so many do not open or accept this free gift! For those who have already opened it, the whole matter is a “no-brainer.” We understand only because we have received the grace and mercy that we do not deserve but are blessed with anyway! Still, we struggle with individuals who cannot grasp how amazing God’s gift is!

That should make us even more determined to reach the lost! To be used as a tool to help them understand the Truth! Not get discouraged and angry at their rejection of the Gospel but become a tenacious servant of the living God! Be ready in season and out, living each and every day for Him. In all that we say and do, boldly and passionately live a life that emulates Christ! We need to reflect enough of the “Real Deal,” to get them to check into It! Most of the time that is all that we are called to do. Be that constant example, the proof, the evidence of a successful life that is grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ! Just like in a court of law, when the jury sees enough irrefutable truth, they cannot help but come up with the right verdict! Our job is not to “sell” them the gospel! God’s Word is Perfection and stands on it’s own! You don’t need to apologize or pitch it, just point and the Spirit will click!
This most precious gift of Salvation will gladly be received and accepted by many once they understand it! So we need to be persistent in our mission fields, wherever that is; the workplace, school, neighborhood, family or any place that God has strategically positioned us! If we all work as small reflectors of the True Light, many will be opening that amazing Gift of Eternal salvation! How many times did God have to put His gift in front of you before you opened it and rejoiced at it’s contents?
Be as diligent for others as Christ was for you! Never get discouraged with dashed expectations, God doesn’t give up on anyone and neither should we!!
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