Cry Holy Concert Contest

INO Records’ recording artist, SONICFLOOd, believes in Christian radio and its power to touch listeners’ lives. To show their support and appreciation, SONICFLOOd is initiating a nationwide contest available to all formats of Christian radio.
INO Records,, and R&R are joining with SONICFLOOd to host the Cry Holy Concert Contest, which will run during the month of June. The event is a “virtual scavenger hunt” for radio programmers, incorporating the Internet, email, and phone to find clues and directions leading to the grand prize.
“I’m excited to bring SONICFLOOd and Christian radio together in this fun and creative way,” says Dan Michaels, Director of Marketing and Promotions at INO Records. “This is a rare and serious opportunity for a radio station to raise literally thousands of dollars for the benefit of their ministry/outreach.”
The winning station will be chosen from a random drawing of radio programmers who complete the steps in the “virtual scavenger hunt. The winning radio station will receive a full concert with SONICFLOOd, free of artist honorarium, travel, and lodging expenses. The station can sell tickets to the show, with noncommercial stations using proceeds towards an upcoming share-a-thon or special station fund raiser project, while commercial stations may choose to use ticket sales to benefit a local church, ministry, or charity of their choice.
“Christian radio is a bright light in a sea of darkness,” says Brent Vance, SONICFLOOd’s manager/Advance Management. “As Christian music artists strive to hear from God in their craft, the music really goes nowhere without the very important work of Christian radio bringing the music and ministry to the airwaves. We are proud to have this opportunity to give back to such a worthy and important medium as we all contribute to the cause of Christ.”
“Over the last few years, I have seen the reach of Christian radio go beyond anything we have ever dreamed of,” says Rick Heil, lead vocalist of SONICFLOOd. “When people are singing and worshiping in concert to songs like “Resonate,” “Famous One,” and “I Can Sing of Your Love Forever,” we know it is because they have heard these songs on Christian radio. This is a small way to say ‘thank you’ to all the people on the front line at radio – DJs, programmers, promotions staff, receptionists, volunteers, technical folks behind the scenes, who work diligently to draw all His people closer to Him. These are brothers and sisters that all artists should continually hold up in prayer and support.”
Listen to your local Christian radio station for SONICFLOOd’s new single, “Cry Holy,” which goes for adds on June 6th. This is the title track from their March 2003 release Cry Holy.
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