Conservative College Students

College students are invited to join like-minded men and women from around the country,
as well as some of the brightest thinkers in America today, at Accuracy in
Academia’s Conservative University. Held at Georgetown Universityin our
nation’s capital from July 18th-21st, this once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity will present free market and traditionalist perspectives on
history, philosophy, law, foreign policy, feminism, government, and
economics that are too often excluded from our colleges and
Conservative University exists because contemporary universities have
failed. By neglecting conservative ideas and viewpoints in the
classroom, leftist academics have hindered students from coming to their
own conclusions about the social and political issues that affect our
society.ConservativeUniversitywill redress this failure of our academic
institutions by providing conservative and libertarian perspectives on a
variety of topics. This informative program includes a session devoted
to re-examining American history, a debate on the legacy of Abraham
Lincoln, and an in-depth look at Friedrich Hayek’s classic work of
political thought, The Road To Serfdom.
Our distinguished faculty includes best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza,
historian Burt Folsom, gun scholar John Lott, Constitution Party
presidential candidate Howard Phillips, author Stan Evans, Accuracy in
Media chairman Reed Irvine and more than twenty of the conservative
movement’s most enlightened writers, leaders, and scholars. Tuition is
only $99 for students (under age 30) and covers lectures, housing,
meals, and a free copy of The Road to Serfdom. Discover the ideas your
professors do not want you to hear at AIA’sConservativeUniversity.
To register, or for more information, please contact Sara Russo at
1-800-787-0429, or by Conference flyers and
other materials can be obtained by e-mailing Sara with a mailing
address. The registration deadline is June 14th.
More information can also be found on our website at


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