‘Coming Home’ — a Book Review

Jessica Lehman is a girl with secrets, Long estranged from her grandmother after the mysterious and tragic circumstances of her mother’s death, Jessica is unable to have a deep relationship with anyone, certainly not her roommate, who prays for her, or her grandmother, whose letter and calls Jessica won’t return. However, a sudden decision on her summer vacation causes her to return to the small town where she grew up more than a decade after she left.
The drive to remember the past and to uncover the truth about her mother’s death bring Jessica back to the grandmother she detests and to Andy, the boy she loved as a child. As Jessica confronts the past and faces an unsure future, both she and Andy must also face their lack of faith. Jessica’s issue stem from her anger that God would allow her mother to suffer a horrible illness and then loose her father to suicide. Andy faces his own intellect and the college course that picked Christianity apart.
A tender story of love and loss..and finding lost dreams again, ‘Coming Home’ provides surprises and inspiration as Jessica and Andy face an uncertain future in secure Hands.


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