Come Let Us Reason Together

“Come let us reason together,”
Lord God, You spoke one day.
“Sinner to have your sins cleansed,
just come to You and pray.”
I am that lowly sinner, Lord,
Therefore, I come to You
for I have read Your Holy Word
and trust that it is true.
Though my sins be as scarlet, Lord,
and most foul in Your sight,
I beg that You forgive them
that You will make them white.
Come, let us reason together
Holy Lord God, I plead
that You forgive my sins, Lord,
of thought or word or deed.
Come, let us reason together
before You I humbly bow
seeking from You forgiveness
forgiveness that I need now.
Thank You Heavenly Father
for hearing my humble prayer
forgiving me all my sins Lord
and keeping me in Your care.
Thank You Heavenly Father
Most High Holy God above
that You give me Your mercy
and keep me in Your love.
Thank You Heavenly Father
for blessings that You bestow
that we may reason together
and I Your love will know.


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