Christmas Journey



There’s no place like home. The Family Dream trip was the journey of a lifetime. We visited forty-four states, traveled nearly seventy thousand miles, met some wonderful people, hopefully made a difference in a lot of lives, but we are all happy to be off the road for awhile. I wonder if that is how Jesus felt after His sojourn here on earth 2,000 years ago. He came to Earth, covered quite a few miles, made some friends, certainly changed a lot of lives, but I bet He was glad to get back home with His Father.
To think that all of eternity was orchestrated around His trip to visit mankind, and it was over so quickly. At least that is how I imagine He felt because that is certainly how we feel now that we are back home. It is hard to believe that we planned our adventure for years and now we’ve come and gone and life goes on. The obvious difference is – it is because He has come and gone that Life goes on.
Oh, to have the pure heart of a child. Perhaps then we could truly grasp the concept that we are all simply sojourners in this life. This Christmas, I’m glad we can enjoy the journey knowing that our Father is waiting up at home – and He’s left the Light on for us.
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