Christian music shines in Nashville

Jars of Clay and Sarah Kelly performed this past weekend at the “All
About Music, TV and Film” conference, held in Nashville. The three-day
retreat was an inclusive time of song writing, performance and networking
among music industry executives, artists and writers. At the end of each
day, a special showcase was held featuring Nashville artists from all
genres of music, including contemporary Christian.

Sarah Kelly is a newcomer to Christian music, having just released her
national debut album “Take Me Away,” on Gotee Records. Kelly’s
performance was a power to be reckoned with, with her strong Janis
Joplin-like vocals, soulful lyrics and flaming red hair. You really can’t
not notice Kelly, who gave a honest and moving performance. She even
performed a new song, written one week ago, that was flawless and real.

Grammy-award winning group Jars of Clay played an acoustic set featuring
new songs from their album “Who We Are Instead,” released last November.
Jars’ guitar skills are unmatched, their harmonies pure, and their
performance solid, assuring the audience why this group has sold over
five million albums.

The night was dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Nashville’s
music. From up-and-coming country acts Jason White, the Jenkins, and
Julie Roberts to Christian music’s new Sarah Kelly and veterans Jars of
Clay, it was easy to see why they call it the Music City.


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