Christian Music Conquers New Frontier!

Christian Music is about to conquer a new frontier!! If you are a fan, you need to call all of your friends and start planning “Dove parties”! From the
FamilyNet to the PAX network and straight into our homes you can experience for yourself this awesome opportunity of watching the first live broadcast
of the Dove Awards! From pre-show to the last award, it will be loaded with cutting-edge Ministry via, some of the most gifted and talented Christian
musician and artists there are! This is something that many of us have waited so long for! As Christians we need to let our voices be heard by turning on
the TV and watching this event! Ratings speak loud and clear to the Networks! By tuning in, we help in catapulting this ministry into a bigger arena,
where so many more can be reached……..enlarging our territory!
Lets support all of those who minister through the Christian music Industry. This is such an important segment of evangelism, especially for Youth
today. Music can reach into areas that no other witness is allowed! Our Artists are not just performers, they are counselors, preachers, teachers, witnesses,
believers and most of all, a walking, living, breathing billboards for Jesus! They work harder on the Message and the Impact of it, than most people know!
Their music is a tool, a vehicle to get into places, and to reach those who have not yet been touched by the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! It also
ministers to the believer, giving encouragement, comfort and help in maintaining and connecting with Christ and other Christians! It doesn’t matter if the
song draws you into His Presence, causes you to be caught up in a love song to Him or plugs you into the Lord, whatever the case, it can become a vital
so! urce for your growth with Christ! It is good to connect with our Lord through Praise, singing to or about Him, no matter what our current
circumstance is. This is a tremendous resource for the Believer today.
We could learn a lot from King David, a man after God’s own heart, whether He was in agony, victory, defeat or triumph, he was praising
God…..making joyful noises to the Lord!
Get plugged into this amazing ministry and grow in your walk with God! If you’ve never taped into this, there is no better time than now to take a
peak…..tune in on April 26, 2002, to the PAX TV network live, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, for the Dove Awards and don’t forget the two-hour
pre-show, which is being televised live on FamilyNet. God bless you!


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