Christian Man Spots Sniper

Nazarene truck driver, Ron Lancz, was the alert motorist who noticed the alleged snipers in a Maryland rest stop. According to
CNN, Lancz noticed the identification of the automobile and its license tags. He made contact with authorities and the
sleeping driver and passenger were apprehended.
According to friends from the Covington Central Church of the Nazarene in Covington, KY, Lancz is a model church member. Even though he is an over-the-road truck driver, Lancz is a faithful attendee, bringing his five-year old granddaughter to
church every Sunday that he is not on the road. Lancz is the leader of the local men’s fellowship group, feeling a strong
passion for ministry to men. He has attended Covington Central Church of the Nazarene for the past five years.
Ron Lancz, along with another trucker, organized a prayer group of about 50 drivers. They met at a pre-assigned stop and
prayed for the United States, and the sniper situation that has paralyzed the nation’s capital for the past two weeks.
According to his own testimony, Lancz said the group of drivers prayed that God would help authorities apprehend the killers.
Lancz said on CNN, “I’m no hero!” He spoke with emotion and attributed the successful apprehension of the suspects to
God’s help.


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