Christian Folk Singer Shares Testimony at Bluefield College

He sings about the hardships of life and the need for divine intervention. He shares a tale of the loss of an earthly father, but the story of the gain of a heavenly one. He’s acoustic guitarist and folk singer Justin McRoberts, and he will offer his music and his message during a concert on the campus of Bluefield College, Friday, January 19.

As part of the school’s continuing effort to provide contemporary Christian music events for students and the community, Bluefield College will host the McRoberts show, beginning at 8 p.m. on January 19 in the Student Activities Center of Shott Hall.

The McRoberts’ stop at BC is part of a promotional tour to promote
the contemporary Christian singer’s second album, “Father,” created not long after McRoberts’ father, who never expressed a belief in Jesus Christ, committed suicide. Through songs on the “Father” album, McRoberts offers
“meaningful confessions, prayers and message-filled proclamations” that were motivated by the experience of losing his dad.

The single “Waiting on Your Love” on the “Father” CD discusses “simplicity as the key to spiritual depth.” The song “At the Cross” speaks of Jesus’ desire for believers to “be one,” as He prayed in the
Garden of Gethsemene. And, for those who feel overwhelmed by life,
McRoberts offers “After My All,” a song with lyrics that call for God’s
strength, not our own, to lead us through the battles of life.

During the Bluefield College show, McRoberts will also sing hits
his first album, “Reason for Living,” a series of songs that are
“brutally honest, but sung with passion from a man who has experienced
the hardships of life and knows what it’s like,” according to “Real
Magazine.” From “Reason for Living,” through the song “5th Wheel”
McRoberts will remind listeners of “our need for God,” and through “With
Your Eyes” he will challenge concert-goers to “see things with God’s

McRoberts, who became a Christian when he was 18 years old, says
shares his testimony within his music because he wants listeners to know
just how much God loves them.

“I am 25 [years old] now, and because of the decision I made seven
years ago, I live each day knowing I have a Father who loves me no
matter what,” McRoberts said. “He will stop at nothing to care for me.
He thinks of you in the same way, and He wants you to know that. Because
I know this love, I want to share it with those who don’t know Him.”

McRoberts’ concert at Bluefield College is free to all. Donations
the door to support the BC Student Union Board are appreciated. The show
will begin at 8 p.m. in Shott Hall. For more information about the
McRoberts concert or other upcoming BC contemporary Christian music
events, please call the Office of Public Relations at 540-326-4212.


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