Christian Artists Offer Encouragement

P Dove Award-winning Curb recording artist Selah is slated to join Nicole C. Mullen, Phil Keaggy, Crystal Lewis, Anointed, Darwin Hobbs, and Jeff Carson, among others at the world-famous Carnegie Hall in New York on March 28 as part of EncourageAmerica’s “A Night of Encouragement.” Designed to be an evening of uplifting music and messages for victims and families affected by the September 11 tragedies, “A Night of Encouragement” will also serve to launch the EncourageAmerica Counseling Center, a long-term counseling facility at New York’s Ground Zero benefiting those touched by the terrorist attacks. Selah will serve as spokespersons, among others, for the EncourageAmerica organization.
Steve Brown of the “Key Life” radio program is slated to speak at the event, among others.
“We hope that through our involvement in ‘A Night of Encouragement’ our music can help bring comfort and reassurance to the many people affected by this crisis,” said Selah’s Nicol Smith. “We have a purpose and a fight that unites us now, not just on the front lines of the battle, but for the soul of our nation. It is great to see people coming together to seek the power of God, because the only way to overcome our fear is by prayer, and recognizing that we’re all God’s children.”
“Who Selah is and what they sing about fits the tone of the evening, which is to encourage people in the New York area who were impacted by events of 9/11,” said Joe Battaglia, president, Renaissance Communications, and a founding member of EncourageAmerica. “Selah’s ministry is just right for speaking into the lives of individuals through their music.”

Complimentary tickets for “A Night of Encouragement” will be distributed to firefighters, police officers, rescue workers, Ground Zero construction workers and victims’ families and friends, among others. General admission is $15, with tickets available through the Carnegie Hall Box Office. The event begins at 7:30 p.m.
EncourageAmerica is a non-profit organization founded in the wake of the September 11 tragedy. The organization?s mission is to provide an ongoing link between Americans in need of spiritual and emotional healing as a result of crisis and tragedy and those networks and organizations providing this aid. All EncourageAmerica activities, local and national, will be operated from the EncourageAmerica Counseling Center in New York.


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