Christian Activities Mayberry Special Edition

Last year Christian Activities published a special issue with a Mayberry theme and
distributed 3,000 issues at Mayberry Days in North Carolina. This issue included articles on
Mayberry events featuring members of the original cast. We had so much fun writing about Andy, Barney, Goober and Thelma Lou we decided to do it again!
Christian Activities Magazine has just published the second annual Mayberry edition in
time for the Mayberry Reunion June 28 in Pigeon Forge. We will also take this special issue to
some Mayberry festivals in Indiana and North Carolina and distribute in Tennesse. If you live in Tennessee, check a
Christian bookstore near you to find the Mayberry issue of Christian Activities Magazine.
To commemorate our second annual Mayberry issue, Christian is pleased to
introduce our new Mayberry section on our website. Found in our menu bar under
“Fellowship,” the page is located at
href=””>Christian Activities Mayberry
Section. We have four new articles already scheduled to run in July, so check back often for more Mayberry information!
We plan to make our Mayberry issue an annual summer edition, so if you have a future Mayberry-themed event you would like to promote, please email a press release to Christian
Activities. If you have a product or service you would like to promote to our Mayberry readers, please call 615/662-6212 or E-mail:Christian Activities for a rate sheet.
We can also put button ads or banner ads up on our Mayberry pages! Contact us for
If you have a Mayberry event to list in our Worldwide Calendar of Events, you may post it at Calendar under the Festivals, Adult or Church categories: .
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