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April marked the last issue of Christian Activities Nashville. Now the little grassroots magazine that started as 1,000 photocopied one-page issues has outgrown its Nashville boundaries and changed its name to Christian Activities Tennessee.
“We have always listed events from Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Memphis as we heard about them, but we didn’t aggressively pursue other areas of the state,” says publisher and founder Kathryn E. Darden. “As a result of our participation in Tennessee 200 and the requests we’ve received from other cities, it was obvious that now is the time to expand!”
The expansion of Christian Activities Tennessee will not affect the coverage of Nashville events. Rather, more events will be found to select from as the magazine reports events in other parts of the state. Since the Christian music industry is located in Nashville, Nashville news, industry news, and local artists will continue to be prominently featured.
“I know people from Nashville travel to Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis all the time to see events, so this will give our readers more concerts and other events to choose from, plus support the Christian music industry in other parts of the state where there hasn’t been a good way to get the word out.”
Christian Activities Tennessee is the culmination of almost ten years of research and prayer. Darden began producing a concert calendar for Koinonia Christian Ministries in 1988. During that time she wrote articles for three different Christian papers that attempted to tackle the difficult Nashville market. When all three papers eventually closed their doors, Darden began publishing Christian Activities Nashville in October of 1992. The paper quickly grew from its original distribution of 1,000 a month to its largest distribution of 12,000 issues. Now the local magazine will be increasing its distribution to other cities while maintaining its present circulation in Nashville. Churches and bookstores that wish to receive the growing publication should call 662-6212 for information.
Also available is an on-line version of Christian Activities Tennessee which offers color photos and news briefs not found in the magazine. The print version offers more in-depth stories and events. Check out the on-line Christian Activities Tennessee at
Christian Activities Tennessee explores Tennessee’s Christian roots with Tennessee 200
In honor of Tennessee’s bicentennial, Christian Activities Tennessee will be running a series of articles about historic Tennessee churches and their impact on our state’s heritage. This project is in cooperation with Tennessee 200. Churches with dates, historic events, renowned statesmen, or other items of interest are invited to contact Christian Activities Tennessee at 662-6212 or call Jill Robinson with Tennessee 200 at 741-1996.
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