CHRIS RICE SMELL THE COLOR 9 —–simple yet profound

CHRIS RICE SMELL THE COLOR 9 —–simple yet profound

Chris Rice (center) with Rocketown executives Don Donahue, Michael W. Smith, Derek Jones, Monroe Jonesand Angie Magill

Chris Rice travels Past the Edges with his new record Smell the Color 9
which releases Oct.31. The CD offers 10 new tracks that are a product of his ministry focused life. Smell the Color 9 has several poetic melodic
ballads and simple, yet profound melodic songs that tell the story of
Chris’s life and ministry. The provocative title of the album and title
track (Smell the Color 9), reflect the inspiration Chris has to help people
relate to God. This track was also inspired by the psalmists and how they
cried out to God (as in Psalm 69 and 88) The song talks about how people
don’t relate to God in the same way that our five senses relate to the
world. That there is a spiritual realm that is beyond our “faculties” that
we sometimes overlook in our lives.

The CD opens with the song “Questions for Heaven,” a lighthearted look at
questioning God. This song is a self-parody of some of Chris’s lyrics like “smelling coffee downstairs” “can you tell me what’s out past the edges? , “what’s your favorite cartoon?” Chris worked with producer Monroe Jones to create circus music in the background that frames the song well.

The Face of Christ is my favorite song on this CD because of the emotion and meaning behind the lyrics. I felt inspired when I heard Chris perform this song at GMA week. The song tells the story of a homeless man and also a prisoner and how we do not always choose our circumstances in life. The line “find myself in a better place” is humbling because for me I am in paradise compared to many people. The impact of the song goes beyond the story of the lyrics to challenge both youth and adults to focus on what we can do to help others and not to put ourselves above them.
Chris wrote “Sailing with Russell” as the result of working with a student
by the same name. The song tells the story of his experience with the
student and how important his work with youth is.
The record closes with Life Means So Much. Chris says is most important song to date because of the message. “Every day is a gift you’ve been given”. Chris Rice has continued to produce some of the most creative and thought provoking music out there. Even though Chris promises to do minimal promotional appearances in conjunction with this release, you can bet that these songs will touch many people’s lives and secure Chris as a reluctant and successful artist. And, this record will sell!!!

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