Chris Rice – Amusing

Chris Rice, the first artist signed to Rocketown Records in 1997, is not only moving label homes to newly founded eb+flo Records (headed by Monroe Jones and Ken Lewis), but he hopes to broaden his horizons beyond Christian mainstay audiences with his latest effort, Amusing.
Amusing delivers the same skillful and poetic songwriting that listeners have come to expect from Rice, but at the same time, he strives to take his talents to a new level by aiming to gain new listeners.
Amusing, produced by Monroe Jones (who has also produced all of Rice’s projects to date) brings his creativity to the table with a more pop-driven collection of gems. Listeners are also treated to a special appearances by the legendary Duane Eddy on “Prelude,” and will hear guitar greats Scott Dente, Paul Moak and Tom Bukovac throughout.
Highlights include the upbeat and catchy, opening number, “Love Like Crazy,”and playful, yet questioning “I See the Moon,” and the piano-based ballad, “Breakfast Table.”
“Amusing” the title-track, characterizes Rice’s strong writing ability and reflects on the whimsical way he is able to tell a story. As a few lines of the lyrics relate, “Am I dreaming such absudities/I’m flying and you’re here with me/We fingerpaint the sky/Chase constellations sliding by/Connect their dots and dance on tightropes in between…”
Amusing is also a Dual Disc, which offers both a CD audio side and a DVD side and features a bonus live performance of the song “Tick Tock,” exclusive behind the scenes footage, an up-close and personal look at Chris Rice and more.
Overall, Amusing is a solid, pop-laced effort that will provide listeners with a collection of songs that are relaxing and uplifting. At the same time, the songs focus on day-to-day experiences including love and loneliness.
Chris Rice – Amusing, eb+flo Records/INO Records
Dual disk – 11 Tracks (audio); plus DVD (album enhanced in stereo, documentary & music videos)/
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