On my way home from a concert tonight, I made the wrong choice and took a wrong turn. I was in an area I have been in many times during the day, but today I had parked in a new parking garage. When I left, it was dark and everything looked unfamiliar. I turned the direction everyone else was turning and started my trip across town.
I ended up heading the wrong direction without knowing it until I found myself in a very bad part of town. Trying to correct my first mistake, I turned down a side street in what I hoped was a route that would take me to a safer and more familiar area. What actually happened was I ended up on a dead end street where my headlights caught two men loitering in the dark. Their body language let me know my accidental turn on their empty cul-de-sac was unwelcome, and I quickly turned my vehicle around.
I got back on the first street and headed back the way I had come. Before too long I came to a brightly lit overpass and recognized it. “I should be up there, in the light, heading home,” I thought to myself longingly.
Have you ever found yourself making the wrong decisions, heading in the wrong direction, and wishing you could find your way home? I think we have all been there, especially in our spiritual walk. Carelessly setting out without our destination firmly mapped out in our mind, we follow someone’s else’s lead. We suddenly find ourselves where we shouldn’t be, headed in the wrong direction in the dark, wishing for street lamps and signs to point us in the right way.
The choices we make frame our future. Driving blindly down a side road may lead to a dangerous dead end. Stopping to check a map before heading out and paying attention to the signs along the way can save you from a world of grief.
It is comforting to know that as Christians we have the map, the street signs and the lamps to light our way home if we only will use them. Don’t make my mistake and loose your way. Make sure you known which choices will take you home.

Kathryn Darden is editor and publisher of
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