Chicago ARTIST wins Grand Prize in Billboard Song Contest

Billboard® recently announced the winners of it’s 11th Annual World Song Contest. Chicago musician,
Carlos Tabora, won First Place in the Gospel/Contemporary Christian Category with his song, How Your
Love Changes Everything.
“This song has meant so much to me and depicts my journey through life and my milestones in building a
better relationship with God”, says Tabora. “I’m glad that more people will have a chance to hear it now
and hope that they too will experience God?s incredible healing power.”
Tabora acknowledges that breaking into the music business has been a difficult task. But he’s comforted in
knowing that his music ministry is beginning to touch people all over the world. A graduate of the
University of Illinois, he has built a successful career as the Marketing Director for a national, non-profit
professional society and is working on releasing his first album, Statement of Faith: A Journey Through
Life, Love, and Truth.
A contemporary pianist and performing songwriter, Tabora?s music can be classified as both romantic and
inspirational. He is a pioneer in a new genre of music he calls, New Age Worship, and hopes to one day be
considered the Jim Brickman of his category.
Tabora’s ministry is focused on new age music listeners that are seeking a better relationship with God. “I
believe that many fans of new age music have been disenchanted with religion because of bad experiences
that they’ve had with the church at some point in their lives. I find it interesting, though, that they are
drawn to new age music for it’s ‘healing and meditative purposes’, when Jesus Christ is the greatest healer
that ever lived. I hope that my music will speak to those that are willing to open their eyes and hearts to
God, but not quite ready to sing the praise and worship music offered by other Contemporary Christian
artists. But someday, I hope they will.”
Tabora will be presented with the Excellence in Songwriting Award at a ceremony held later this Summer.
Carlos Tabora is a first generation Filipino-American and contemporary pianist based in Chicago, IL.
Influenced by artists like Jim Brickman and John Tesh, his passionate piano solos and emotional songs have
made him one of Contemporary Christian’s hottest new performing songwriters. Carlos is currently
working on his full-length album, Statement of Faith, and is available for booking and publishing. More
information about Carlos Tabora is available at


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