Cheer Up

One of the songs on the new Ten Shekel Shirt CD is “Cheer Up.” Here’s what lead singer Lamont Hiebert says about Cheer Up…
A soldier is wounded in battle and is about lose hope until he pictures his loved ones standing on the porch waiting for his safe return. An elderly patient in a hospital bed is told she will probably die from the tumor but surprisingly she hangs on and fights through the radiation treatment because she knows that her husband of 51 years is waiting for her. After three weeks in the drug rehab facility, the 14-year-old girl can’t handle it any more; she wants to end her life quickly. She pulls out a bottle of pills and begins to pour them into her hand. She manages to get a few pills down but can’t quite follow through with the suicide attempt because she knows her dad is waiting for her.
These are all examples of the power of waiting. To have someone wait for you means they believe you are important and valuable. It means they feel some of your pain and are willing to endure the time apart with long suffering. What a cosmic sized epiphany it is to reflect upon the scripture that says, creation waits for us (Rom 8:19). Wow! We must be important, we must be valuable and we must be loved. – LH/TSS
With a desire to make music that not only encourages the church, but inspires those outside to take a peak in, Ten Shekel Shirt has produced a collection of pop/rock songs and ballads. Regardless of where you are in your walk of faith, Risk will be an inspiring soundtrack for change. It includes the radio hits “Poorest King” and “Cheer Up”.


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