Charlie Gard Dead at 11 Months

Little Charlie Gard died of his illness on July 28, 2017. He was was born with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome and was only 11 months and 24 days when he passed away.
The baby became the center of a political battle between his parents (Chris Gard and Connie Yates), and the London hospital where he was receiving care (Great Ormond Street Hospital). While his parents wanted young Charlie to receive medical treatment for his deteriorating condition, the hospital took matter out of the parents’ hands believing Charlie was too far gone for treatment.
The parents had raised enough money through Crowd Funding to take their child to a hospital in the U.S/ which felt it could treat the little boy. Both President Trump and Pope Francis supported the efforts of Charlie’s parents to try to save their child.
Ultimately after court battles delayed efforys to save their baby, the Gard’s gave up on their efforts and allowed the baby to be taken off his ventilator and put in hospice where he died the next day.
Read more about the case here:Pope Francis and President Trump Defend Charlie Gard’s Human Dignity, Parental Rights
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