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New electronic Christian rock music music is out from Christian rockers Charismatik who recently released their debut indie project, “Fighting the Good Fight.” Produced by Marc Soucy of MACH 10 Music who also serves as the project’s arranger, and Adam Miller, who also writes the lyrics, the project is predominantly rock/alternative in the style of Christian rock bands like Skillet.
The “Fighting the Good Fight” CD cover art features a wild-eyed and muscularly-ripped Jesus pounding on the devil in a boxing ring. Fortunately, the project surpasses the album cover.
The CD offers an interesting mix of vocals thanks to the musical pairing of Marc Soucy and Todd Smith as well as guest vocals from Mary Marshall and Sharon Paquette. Miller describes the music’s sound as “heavy, modern hard rock with a lot of guitar presence.”
Standout songs were “Break These Chains” with its U2-esque vibe and the moving AC song “The Greatest of These” featuring the rich vocals of Sharon Paquette.

About “Break These Chains,” freelance writer and editor Ashley Festa, who serves as the publication coordinator at the University of the Incarnate Word, comments: “‘Break these Chains’ might be the best track on the album… It’s energetic and it’s dance-y…”
Festa says of “The Greatest of These,” “This powerful song will send chills down your spine. Sharon Paquette’s gorgeous vocals are romantic and perfectly fitted to this beautiful love song.”
Another song worth singling out is “Transfiguration,” a rock song with a solid dance beat which wails out the message to “Be transformed.”
Miller says, “I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to do Charismatik in November 2007.” Miller draws heavily from The Bible for inspiration for projects lyrics. The mission statement of Miller’s church is: “To know Christ and to make Him known,” and Miller says that sums up what the music and mission of Charismatik are all about.
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