Celtic Spotlight: Open Sky Records

Last summer saw the release of Dave Bainbridge’s first solo album on Open Sky Records, Dave Bainbridge – Veil of Gossamer which has been gaining some fantastic reviews.
Also out now is Iona’s first ever DVD release. An Iona documentary originally filmed for a Dutch TV series back at the end of 1990 and subsequently released on video (but deleted many years ago) has now been re-released on DVD. The half hour programme, which was filmed largely on the islands of Mull and Iona, catches the band soon after the release of the first album and includes rare interview and rehearsal footage as well as some live film from one of the band¹s first ever concerts – a tv festival in Holland. Available now.
Forthcoming Open Sky Records releases due this year;
Four other DVDs are planned for release on Iona’s Open Sky label (in conjunction with Voiceprint) during 2005. Here’s a bit of info about each of them:
The Eye of the Eagle DVD

This DVD documents Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald first collaboration since the latters departure from the band back in 1992. The 1998 album ŒThe Eye of the Eagle¹ was a beautiful soundtrack inspired by David Adam¹s book of the same name. The DVD, superbly captured on film by Anglia TV features footage from the works premier live performance in the wonderful surroundings of Norwich Cathedral as well as on location interviews with the three Davids explaining the ideas behind the book and the music. Originally released on video (but deleted several years ago), the DVD includes much previously useen additional footage.  Expected release date late Spring 2005.

From Silence DVD – Troy and Dave

Troy and Dave¹s improvised performance in Lincoln Cathedral, along with some accompanying interview footage was also captured on film and will be released on DVD later in the year. More on Dave and Troy when Dave is spotlighted later this week.
Iona – Live in London DVD

As most of you will know, the band played a one off UK date in London on November 18th 2004.  The concert, arranged by Voiceprint, was a truly great event and, despite illnesses contracted the week before in Germany by Troy and Dave, the band played really well. With superb lighting from Paul Kell, a full 5 camera film crew and multi track recording set up backstage, we  feel that this will really be a fantastic document of the band¹s powerful live performances. Supported by – well, Iona themselves, playing an acoustic set, this will be a full length DVD (ie as much of the concert that we can possibly cram onto the DVD will be on there!). The DVD features 3 new Iona tracks which will also be on the new studio album.
At the time of writing, Dave is busy editing the music ready for mixing, which will be done by surround sound expert John Kellogg in Los Angeles in April. This will be the band¹s first 5.1 surround sound release, which is another exciting development.
Expected release date summer 2005.
New Iona Album

Work is continuing on this and we’re still hoping to have it finished this year!
Songs for Luca update
Money raised from the sales of the Songs for Luca album as well as two concerts arranged by some wonderful Christian friends finally enabled Dave Bainbridge and his wife Debbie fulfill their dream of taking Luca to the Autism Treatment Centre in Massechusetts in February for their week long Intensive Course. Debbie relates:
“We had an absolutely FANTASTIC and AMAZING  time at the Son-Rise course.  It was incredible.  The Lord answered  ALL our prayers and more and took care of every little detail – it was just brilliant.  Some highlights, briefly!!! – seeing the Son-Rise staff working with Luca was just so delightful and inspiring, having a whole group of people so obviously totally enjoying Luca
and us too!! for a whole week was beautiful. Their support and love for us as a family was lovely and we learnt so much from them in such a short space of time – didn’t want to come home!!”
“I guess you are getting the idea!!  now we are home we are fired up ready for our continued journey at home with Luca.  Luca did brilliantly, as did Evie (our 4 year old daughter who accompanied us on the trip along with a family friend), with all the travel, all the new things etc etc – God was just so in everything that week it was like being held closely in his hands every minute of the day – there was just nothing he hadn’t taken care of in such amazing detail and love.”
Further sales of Songs for Luca will help fund Luca’s ongoing home based Son-Rise program and all the support services that go along with this.




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