CBS Cancels Reagan History

Due to heavy protests and criticism from around the country, CBS has announced they are cancelling their fabricated series about the Reagan years. Our report on the series follows.
CBS has taken another step backwards by rewriting the history of the Reagan Era for “The Reagans,” an upcoming miniseries. Preview clips which have been airing in advance of the November sweeps programming set the stage for numerous non-historical events, from a fictitious “looming” impeachment to Nancy Reagan declaring ketchup a vegetable. “Does it have meat in it?” she queries about ketchup in a dramatic scene regarding school lunches. “Then it’s a vegetable.”
Filled with admitted lies and contrived characterizations, the fraudulent script will portray Ronald Reagan as a forgetful, inattentive, foul-mouthed, callous lout, dominated by a pill-popping spouse, bumbling his way through the Oval Office,” — Conservative Petitions
Other scenes depict private conversations between Nancy and Ronald that beg the question: if the conversations were private, how did CBS learn the intimate details in order to quote them accurately?
With Josh Brolin (formerly of Marcus Welby, M.D. and now married to liberal media maven Barbara Streisand) playing the part of Reagan it should have come as no surprise the program would take a negative view of the Reagans since Streisand has been an outspoken Reagan critic for two decades. However, taking a negative slant and totally rewriting history are two completely different things. A negative slant would simply challenge the positive image most Americans hold for the Reagans; rewriting history seeks to impose a false record on the unsuspecting viewer. To add to the travesty, President Reagan is no longer able to defend himself from the mud about to be slung.


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