Castle: The Complete Fourth Season Surprisingly Good Television

Wealthy mystery writer Richard Castle and dedicated Detective Kate Beckett are back in “Castle: The Complete Fourth Season” with all the charm, humor, and drama of the first three seasons. Starring Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle and Stana Katic as Kate Beckett, the television series follows the pair as Beckett investigates homicides and Castle researches mystery novels, using Detective Beckett as his muse.
“Castle” is one of those rare television shows that manages not to force too much liberal agenda or extramarital sex on the viewer, although the show does capitalize on the romantic tension between Beckett and Castle. However, this is one TV program where casual sex is not used to sell the show. After the last episode in Season 4, I have to wonder if this will hold true in season 5, however.
The series also focuses on author Richard Castle’s relationship with his mother and teenage daughter, both of whom live with him. The show has been very relationship focused throughout its four seasons. It will be interesting to see how the father-daughter relationship holds as Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn) heads off to college, but his mother has already made it clear she is staying with Castle.
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