Carman Talks About Patriotic Song-Red, White and Blue

I have always been impassioned to bring a word in “due” season, so the common man can log into it and comprehend its gravity. Now is no exception. I believe I have a song for the casual music listener that is burning in my heart to inspire the American, God fearing place in all of us.
This is not running through the red tape of a record company so I can give it to you, the way I see most effective, just like a our “free” concerts.
The song is coming free. The background tracks can be downloaded free. All made available through our non-profit organization. It’s an anthem the country can latch onto and everyone can participate with..but mostly “feel” the much needed, patriotism, at a time of war.
I would ask you, at this critical time between now and the anniversary of America’s worst disaster, to put on the cloak of patriotism to a country at war for the freedoms we have, and consider using this song in your worship services.
The attack on New York wasn’t a religious, racial or color issue. But, in a way, it was about colors. Because somewhere between the red, white and blue……is me and you. Thank you for your heartfelt consideration.
You can dowload the song at This is only available through our nonprofit organization Carman Ministries at 615-771-2711 or through
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