Caedmon’s Call: Long Line of Leavers

Caedmon’s Call: Long Line of Leavers

Caedman’s Call

PHIL WILSON– OK. I’m biased. I really like Caedmon’s Call. Really, really like 40 Acres. So, I bought Long Line of Leavers, hoping it would match 40
Acres. Ladies and gentleman, Long Line of Leavers is better than 40 Acres.
Now, I know Dad didn’t like it, but he’s old, so don’t pay attention to him. Of course, having done this for 10 years, I’m 29 now, so I’m almost
old too, but I’m right. LLL is a fabulous CD.
Beginning with “The Only One” to “What You Want” to the extraordinary “Mistake of My Life”
(with yet another London reference), this is the type of CD or tape you stick in the car roll down the windows, pick a back highway, watch the
colors of the trees go by, and sing your heart out. However, although the three previously mentioned songs are great, the best song on this, and
perhaps one of the best songs I’ve ever heard is a remake of a John Michael Talbot song, “Prepare Ye the Way.” It is a call to extraordinary
holiness and love for Christ.
Another reason I’m biased. I saw CC at Lipscomb on October 12. People, go see them if you get a chance. It gave such a wonderful dimension
to this group and the songs that they do (No, bus driver though).
Get this CD. Get this tape. Get this LP or 8-track. I can unequivocably say that this is a superb CD. One of the best of the year, and if this is
the way that the new decade starts off, we’re going to be in good shape for a while.
My score: ***** out of *****

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JOHN WILSON– OK, let me put it this way. I really wanted not, I repeat, not to like this latest release from Caedmon’s Call. I was persuaded to listen a little longer and with a less prejudical perspective. I took the “sage”, albeit , unspoken advise, and gave long “line of leavers” another listen. While I wasn’t altogether blown away with this newest project on Essential Records, I did gather more appreciation for Caedmon’s Call music and, especially, their lyrics.

Since it appears that the average of the members of the group is around the mid-to-late 20s, most of the music, I sure, would appeal to the younger generation. Also another reason for the appeal to the younger generation, besides the similarity in age is that most of the songs tend to have that touch of “Christian angst” associated with them. And while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does tend to categorize some types of music, and ergo, the reason for its appeal.

As I said earlier, after a perfunctory listen to long line of leavers, I was almost turned off by this project, but I have come to have a greater appreciation for the messages being presented. Musically, the group is not “a slam you in the face” with their music, but it is very adequate for the songs being presented. Caedmon’s Call does a cover of one of the worship classics from 1977. The song, written by John Michael Talbot, is entitled “Prepare Ye the Way.” They do an admirable job is updating this timeless song. I was moved by the vocals of Danielle Young on the song written by Ed Cash entitled, “Masquerade”. Not only the vocals and harmony, but the message makes this is a really good song.

I will say that this will not be in my CD player all of the time. It could have a place in yours if you appreciate lyrics and music which appeals to those of you in their late twenties and early thirties.
13 Cuts…………………………………55:05
John’s Rating……………………………***1/2
Jonh and Phil rate on a scale of Five Stars *****


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