Building 429 and Jeremy Camp Help Redeem The Vote TONIGHT

Some of the biggest name artists in contemporary Christian music are rallying for a cause: To register the more than 25 million evangelical Christians who are not currently registered to vote.  Their ultimate goal is a simple one:  To mobilize those in the faith based community to exercise their rights as citizens in having their voice heard in the political process.  And they are succeeding.
Sunday, August 22nd, “FOX NEWS LIVE,” hosted by Rita Cosby, had representatives from two of the Christian industry’s biggest current groups–Shelly Breen from platinum selling group “Point Of Grace,” and Jason Roy of the hot new band “Building 429”–on satellite from Nashville to voice their commitment to the “Redeem The Vote” campaign.  Since its’ beginnings earlier this year, the grassroots campaign conducted with sign up tables at a number of major Christian concerts this summer has resulted in the onsite registration of more than 25,000 first time voters.   Participants are also go encouraged to go online to register on the organization’s website:
The efforts of “Redeem The Vote” are in sharp contrast to the efforts of the “Vote For A Change” coalition that boasts a line-up of  major mainstream artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Sheryl Crow who are outspokenly rocking the music, the boat–and the hope ultimately– the vote to unseat President Bush in November.  Their efforts, as reported this weekend by Associated Press, will benefit America Coming Together(ACT) which promises on it’s website to “derail the right wing Republican agenda by defeating George W. Bush.”
As noted by Breen and Roy this weekend on  FOX NEWS LIVE, “Redeem The Vote” is a non-partisan campaign based on getting the Christian youth of America involved in making their voice heard in the 2004 elections.
Noted Dr. Randy Brinson, founder of the organization:  “Our nation faces critical issues that are not political but moral.  Some voices advocate the redefinition of insitutes that have helped define our nation’s strength and character.   They seek to remove the acknowledgement of our Godly heritage–the very reason why we believe our country has been so blessed.  In our great land, differences are settled at the polls and in the voting booths.  It is our responsiblity as Christians to participate in this process.”
“Redeem the Vote” will roll into the fall concert season with increasing numbers of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music singing their praises–and encouraging concert goers to register to vote–to make sure their voices are heard on November 2nd.
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