Buddy Greene Talks about Koinonia Christian Bookstore

Buddy Greene has established a reputation as a performer of various forms of Southern Americana music, with a focus on Christian music. He has created his own sound that is a musical hybrid of country, bluegrass, folk, gospel and traditional blues.
He is also respected as a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player.
Green took the time to answer a couple of questions about Koinonia Christian Bookstore & Coffeehouse which is getting ready to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Koinonia Family Reunion.
KD: What impact if any has Koinonia Bookstore & Coffeehouse had on your life?
Buddy Greene: Two memories stand out. One was attending a Scott Roley concert, probably around 1984. I was new in my faith and Roley had this great passion and joy as he delivered his songs and witness. We eventually became good friends and that friendship has remained. The second memory has to do with playing a harmonica overdub on a Noel Paul Stookey album that was recorded at the Belmont Chapel. Stookey was magnanimous and gracious far beyond expectation. As an aspiring artist who wanted to “make it” one day, it was great to see up close and personal that a person of Stookey’s reputation and celebrity could be so other-minded, that is, putting others first. We later had lunch together and he was the same way towards the waitstaff in the restaurant. Good models like his are very important to impressionable neophytes.
KD: What impact have any of the artists performing at the Koinonia Family Reunion had on your career?
Buddy Greene: Tricia Walker is another one of those artists I first met upon moving to Nashville. I loved her voice and her easy way with an audience. We soon became friends and I realized she was also a very gifted songwriter. When I finally got a chance to record my first album, she was at the top of the list for people I wanted to sing along. I subsequently recorded 2 of her songs, and she has remained one of my dearest friends. In my book, they don’t get any finer than Tricia Walker.
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