‘Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius’ with Jim Caviezel

The motion picture “Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius” starring Jim Caviezel, is releasing in theaters nationwide on April 30th. It’s the story of golf legend Bobby Jones, recognized as one of the greatest golfers in history, and founder with his friends of the Masters Golf Tournament.
Bobby Jones gained recognition as one of the greatest golfers in history – a true golf legend – but this is more than a movie about golf… This is a real-life story about struggling to find balance and choosing to live a life of integrity. The movie promotes the values of dedication, determination, excellence, responsibility, family, and strength of character.
Bobby Jones is portrayed by actor Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” He’s said, “This movie transcends golf. It’s about a human being with an extraordinary amount of integrity, something money can’t buy . . . I just loved the story, and I felt that (after just having played Jesus) I couldn’t think of a finer man to play.”
One of the aims of the organization behind the film, The Bobby Jones Film Foundation, is to create a philanthropic legacy to carry on the work of Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones, Jr, specifically in the areas of golf, youth, education, health services, international goodwill, and character formation.
The entertainment industry is closely watching the box-office results of Christian-friendly films to determine if there is a market for this kind of entertainment: we’re all casting a vote with our dollars when we support a film such as this.
The film’s official website is bobbyjonesthemovie.com
* The film is rated PG (it contains some swearing, depicting Bobby Jones’ temper when golfing prior to his learning to control it).


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