Bleach to Tour with Relient K

Award-winning, Tooth & Nail recording artist Bleach will be a featured artist on the highly
anticipated Back To The Few tour with GoTee Records artist Relient K. Bleach joins the tour this fall in support of its
already critically acclaimed and first new project in over three years, Again, For The First Time, which is set to release
August 27. The Back To The Few tour also features XS Records band Philmore and Tooth & Nail band Holland
(formerly called Somerset).
Beginning Sept. 21 in Chicago, IL, the 40+ city Back To The Few tour will traverse the nation into numerous major markets, including
Minneapolis, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Nashville, Atlanta and Boston (full tour itinerary below). Taking a diverse approach to venue
selection, concerts have been scheduled in a variety of settings including high schools, auditoriums, clubs, and churches.
“As a band, it has always been our vision to bring great rock music with a positive message to the people who need it most, regardless of
whether it happens in a church or in a club,” says Sam Barnhart, guitarist and founding member of Bleach. “We are excited about the Back To
The Few tour because we will get to do exactly that.”
Bleach drummer Jared Byers also looks forward to the Back To The Few tour as he will have the opportunity to travel alongside his former
band, Relient K. “I am stoked about being able to tour with my friends in Relient K. They’ve always been a lot of fun to tour with, so I know
this tour is going to be a blast,” said Byers. Shortly after the release of Bleach’s third album in 1999, Jared and his brother Milam (former lead
guitarist for alterna-pop rock diva, Miss Angie) joined the Bleach line-up. Even though the brothers have been with Bleach for the past 2 years,
the band’s upcoming release, Again, For The First Time, will be their first studio album with the group.
The album is also Bleach’s first new album since their critically acclaimed, self-titled and third recording. After taking nearly three years off for
rest and renewal, the band is back, re-energized with a fresh new project. Again, For The First Time is truly a representation of what the band
has been doing for the past three years, renewing focus in life. Accompanying the message of renewal is a more gritty, raw live sound courtesy
of producer Oran Thornton.
That sound is already receiving critical acclaim. says “Fans of the band’s earlier projects, and of their live shows, will have no
trouble sinking their teeth into Again, For The First Time… Again, For The First Time is a cool album that’s chock full of good
vibrations.” says, “The album’s title is fitting, as Bleach’s fourth time around is as raw and fresh as a college rock band’s
debut. The listener is treated to a live, modern rock ‘n’ roll vibe that equals or bests any of Bleach’s previous projects.” says,
“Bleach hasn’t missed a beat with this album… The guitar riffs are crunchy, the drumbeats are clean, and the hooks are catchier then ever… It
won’t take long to get these songs stuck in your head.”
Fans eager to preview the new album will have numerous opportunities to do so. Bleach is currently touring many of the large summer music
festivals. The first single from the album, “We Are Tomorrow,” was released to radio last week. In addition, a video single has been released
video shows nationwide. The video can be downloaded as a QuickTime file at


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