Bleach Bids Farewell

After eight and a half years, five critically acclaimed albums, well over 1,000 shows, and countless miles logged from coast to coast, rock and roll band Bleach (Tooth & Nail) have decided to say farewell. The strains of a consistently packed touring schedule and the desire to spend more time with family prompted this difficult decision. The band will be performing shows throughout the spring, and at major music festivals throughout the summer. In August, Bleach will embark on a farewell tour, beginning August 11th and wrapping up on August 29th. This special tour will give fans one last chance to catch the band’s energetic live show, and give the band a final opportunity to say thank you for the years of support.
Emerging from the halls of Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY, Bleach established itself as a premiere rock act with the release of it’s national debut, Space. Eight years, fourteen top 10 radio singles, a Dove Award, and multiple TV appearances later, Bleach still delivers hard hitting, relevant rock that both challenges and entertains.

The band, consisting of Milam Byers, Sam Barnhart, Jared Byers, Jerry Morrison, and Davy Baysinger, have come to this difficult decision, and reflect on what the band has meant to them “The last eight and a half years have been amazing, “reflects lead singer, Davy Baysinger. “I can honestly say they have been the best years of my life. I feel like I’ve been able to live a dream, with my very best friends. We’ve always done our best to be honest and up front, about who we are, and the things we’ve dealt with–the victories and the losses. It’s been about so much more than shows and music. The goal for us has always been to bring hope to people who are without it. This band was based on the idea, that somehow, we could really make a difference. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Beyond delivering a top quality rock show, Bleach has always been a band based on relationships and the desire to be real about their struggles and joys, always holding tight to their deep rooted faith. This desire has pushed the band to perform both inside and outside of traditional Christian music circles.
“We’ve always believed that we were not just a band for Christian people only,” explains guitarist Sam Barnhart, “and that what we have to share is relevant to all people who deal with the human condition.” The end result has been touring not only in churches, church clubs, and neutral, non-church venues, but also with general market artists in clubs and bars.
“It’s in the bars and the clubs that God has given us amazing opportunities to share the hope He’s given us, “continues Barnhart. “We’ve been able to demonstrate that to people that would never set foot in a church.”
While none of the guys have made definitive plans beyond August, they are confident this is a right decision and have a peace about their individual futures.

“I know that God will continue to use us. “says Baysinger. “While I don’t know yet exactly what I’ll be doing come September, I know that it will work out. God has provided for us for the last eight and a half years, so I know He’ll put us where we need to be.”

With the end in sight, the members of Bleach emanate a quiet nostalgia and a peace about what’s to come, beyond the band:

“Being in Bleach has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life, “says Barnhart. “It’s given me the opportunity to see amazing places and allowed me to meet so many amazing people–not to mention being able to rock out with my best friends. I just want to say thank you to all the people who have allowed me this opportunity and to all our friends who have supported us through the good times and the bad times. I pray we leave behind not just a legacy of music – but of hope.”
Milam Byers Guitar
Sam Barnhart Guitar
Jerry Morrison Bass
Jared Byers Drums
Dave Baysinger Vocals
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