Bleach and Pax217 to Tour

This summer, two of the most well-known rock bands in Christian music converge for a live concert package from Wednesday June 19th through July 13th. Bleach and Pax217 first toured together when Pax217 came on the scene in 1999. Now they are touring together again on a yet unnamed tour and with an unnamed opening act.
In 2002, both bands will be coming out with much anticipated releases. May 21st will see the release of Pax217’s sophomore release Engage, the follow up to their very successful, Two Seventeen. On August 27th, Bleach will release their first project on their debut for BEC Recordings, which promises to be their best yet.

Bleach and Pax217 not only have reputations as being great rock bands, but are also known for having a real heart for ministry. This tour will not only serve as a great rock and roll show for concertgoers, but also an incredible community outreach tool. Both bands have had their music on numerous television shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Gross Pointe, Party of Five, Jenny Jones, MTV’s Tough Enough, and others. This provides an excellent avenue for promotion to those unfamiliar with the world of Christian music. All in all, the Bleach/Pax217 tour is sure to provide the best in entertainment and ministry.
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