Bleach Again for the First Time

It’s been just over a year since their last full album release of “Again for the First Time.” But within that brief amount of time the boys of Bleach have transformed through a new sound, a life-altering loss, and brand new hope for the future. Now they are back, with the highly anticipated follow-up to “Again for the First Time” quickly approaching its release.

The new Bleach album, “Astronomy” hits shelves October 21st and is a release unlike any other. Going in to the studio, the band had few lyrics written for their project, yet were inspired after praying about what direction the album should take. Though they were still unsure about the results of the album (they had gone in seeking a light-hearted take on the joys of Christian living, but came out with a much darker result), the meaning of it began taking a divine face after the news that Captain Joshua T. Byers, brother to band members Milam and Jared Byers, had been killed in action while in service in Iraq. Suddenly, the record meant to give hope to others was becoming the source of hope for the band members themselves, with the lyrics finally coming to life, providing comfort to them in their time of grieving. It seemed that every lyric suddenly had a meaning, a message to the writers themselves, as it was clarified to be God’s intention.
As they still seek to return their lives to some sense of normalcy, the members have regrouped after a short break to join Five Iron Frenzy on their nationwide farewell tour.
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