This fine-tuning includes folding the Benson Record label into the group of
labels, managed by Co-Senior Vice Presidents Dean Diehl and George King,
comprised of Reunion, Diadem and Brentwood Records.
Personnel changes have taken place regarding the leadership and staff of
Benson Records and efforts are currently being made to move staff members
to similar positions within the Provident system.
Following recent news reflecting Provident Music Group’s
best year in history, Chairman/CEO Jim Van Hook announced plans for
realignment to ensure growth throughout 2001. “We had a phenomenal year
last year and look forward to continuing on this track. In order to do so
however, it is necessary to fine-tune our system,” states Van Hook.
“Our industry is constantly changing and in order to reach people with our
artists’ music and ministry, we have to adapt to change while reflecting a
heart of good stewardship. It is in this spirit that we are making
adjustments within our system” adds Van Hook.
The folding of the Benson label will not impact the Cedarmont Kids division
or Verity Records as it relates to the Christian marketplace.
The following is a quote from George King, Co-Senior Vice President of
Reunion Records, Diadem Music Group, Brentwood Records and Benson Records
reflecting the folding of Benson Records into the group of labels.
“Dean and I are happy to welcome the Benson roster to our family of labels.
It’s our goal that ongoing promotion for the Benson acts will continue
uninterrupted. We’re excited about the possibilities for the future.”
* George King manages Reunion Records, Diadem Music Group, Brentwood
Records and Benson Records with Co -Senior Vice President, Dean Diehl
See related story on Providen’t best year.


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