Back To School with Jaci & Zealand: Jaci Velasquez & Son Prepare for Back to School

Multi-tasking is the name of the game for Platinum-Selling Recording Artist Jaci Velasquez these days. While continuing to tour around the world, record new music, co-host her morning radio talk show, and being a devoted mother and wife, Jaci is now conquering back to school as she and her son ready themselves as first-time students for the upcoming school year. Jaci is enrolled in Liberty University’s online program while her oldest son Zealand is preparing for his kindergarten debut.
Jaci decided to answer back-to-school questions and offer some tips for moms with children headed off to school for the first time.
Why have you chosen to enroll at Liberty University and head back to school at this time in your life?
Now is the best time! From 15 to 25, I was touring like crazy! I bet if I would have tried to write an essay while on the road back then, it would have been written in the three local languages of the countries that I was visiting at that time. Now, I am more grounded and focused on the importance of education to me. You always have to be true to yourself, and for me, this is time to do it!
What kind of program is it (classroom or online)? Why did you choose this particular learning medium?
It’s an online program through Liberty. I am LOVING it right now because it is allowing me to learn without sacrificing time with my family. Pretty soon, Soren and Zealand will be the ones giving me flash card quizzes. (You can’t do that in the classroom!)
What do you hope to accomplish?
Obtaining a degree and proving to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.
Which makes you more anxious, you or your son Zealand starting school? Why?
BOTH! Zealand is my first child, which means he is growing up first. His first day of school is coming up next month, and I know I’m going to cry. I wish I could be there to walk with him through every part of it and protect him from all those unsettling stories that you hear on the news, but I know he has to experience it himself to grow into the man he will become. I also know that I’ll be the first one he sees when he gets back, so it’s all good ­čÖé
I am a little anxious about my own education because it seems like I’m living my life a little backwards than the average person since I’m embarking on a college education after building a career, getting married and while raising two little boys. The important part though, is that I’m doing it!
As a working mom going back to school, do you have any suggestions for finding life balance?
Everything in life is about balance-so I am approaching it like I do everything else: Set boundaries, time frames and break times. If you have a set schedule, you’re more likely to follow through.
Do you have any tips for getting children prepared for the big day?
Tips for parents: Make sure your camera or iPhone is CHARGED when they are walking out the door and getting on the bus for the first time! Tips for children: Have fun, be nice, and tell mom and dad EVERYTHING!
What’s the best part about a new school year?
Gearing up for a new school year is always exciting! The best part about it? Shopping! My advice to students, no matter what grade they are about to embark upon, is this: Have fun shopping! That was always the most enjoyable part for me. New pens, pencils, binders…multi colored folders and yearly calendars….fresh kicks and a new outfit or two. THAT is what got me pumped for a new year.
About Jaci Velasquez
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