August Rush Is a Gem



August Rush is one of the best movies I have seen and is a story of the redemption, power, even the magic of faith.
A handsome young Irish guitarist and a lovely young cellist have a chance “encounter” one night, drawn together by a beautiful moon and the sound of music from a mysterious street musician above New York’s Washington Square. The young couple is torn apart after their night of illicit love, and although they both try to find each other, circumstance separates them. A child is born and placed in a home while the mother is asleep right after childbirth. When she is told the baby is “gone,” she is led to believe the child died at birth.
The movie is sad and even harsh at the beginning as the young boy, alone and cut off by his artistic and sensitive nature from the rougher boys around him, yearns for his real parents. One night the moonlight through his window draws the boy outside the home, and the moon as well as the hum of the electrical and telephone lines draws him through the gates, and down the road to New York City. His musical talent is discovered by the mysterious street musician (played to perfection by Robin Williams) who gives the boy both a new name, August Rush, as well as his old spot at Washington Square to perform for money.
But August has one goal, to use his remarkable musical gift to seek his parents. His absolute faith that they are alive, that they want him, and that they will find him is what sustains him when times are hard… and they often are hard for a young boy alone on the streets.
Throughout this movie, music is a metaphor for faith, and spiritual references are revealed shining through like hidden gems. From the praise song sung by an unlikely street musician to the kindly care August gets at an African-American congregation, this movie has a very spiritual feel to it. If you like fairly tales, imagination, music and a feel-good ending, you will enjoy the gem that is August Rush.

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